All right so if you’re here at this video you’re probably wondering how you can get started with affiliate marketing for scrap from scratch how to start affiliate marketing with no money okay so let’s just dive right into that the first thing you want to do or you could do is you could review products that you already have bought.

Or that you plan to buy in the future let me give you an example of that so everyone knows that amazon.
com they have a amazing huge website and platform.

Where you can buy and sell products right so down here at the bottom they have get down there it’s pretty far this right here says become an affiliate let.

Me move my face out of the way over here okay so down here says become an affiliate so the first.

To do is all free first thing you want to do is.

Come click on this one it’s pretty easy self exploratory how to join up just click join now you can earn up to 10% advertising fees or commissions up to 10% most of its.

4 percent so a little disclaimer before we go any further is that if you do use these free methods it’s gonna take you a little bit of time and maybe a lot of time to get actually get some money coming in from these from.

This method unless of course you have a very big audience then you’re good to go.

Okay so let’s go back to this what I was saying so you buy a product like you can see here I bought this this watch right here this Nixon watch I bought and all I did was just make a quick post on my Facebook page talking about a little bit about it and then saying you can get yours here now this this link excuse me this link is my affiliate link and if.

The link itself you can see my tag it’s the KBI Fayette 20 and that shows.

That it’s on there it’s not going to be on the it’s gonna be on there for 24 hours so if anybody buys anything on there for 24 hours after clicking on my Lake then I’ll get commission for that okay let’s go back the other thing you.

Could do is you could post on YouTube okay excuse me when I throw it it’s just so on YouTube right I bought this action camera for like 50 bucks it’s pretty impressive it’s got really good quality and so.

I wanna show you what it looks like we ride it with it and I just made a video about it in the beginning of the video I talked a little bit about the park itself and what you can get inside of it and if you look down here boom there’s my affiliate link they click on that and it would take the the person who’s interested in the product over to Amazon and here is my code okay and that stays with them for 24 hours.

So that’s one of the first things you could do if you want to start affiliate marketing for free or if you want to start with no money start affiliate.

Marketing from scratch this is well that’s pretty much what I did when I started out anyway the second thing you could do is start a Facebook page or a Facebook group Facebook groups are probably more engaging than pages but whatever you want to do it’s always up to you so.
If we look here here’s an example this page is called homestead in.

Survival is nothing fancy right just.

A simple banner beep as there is that a beep I don’t know as their profile picture now they do have a very large community of over two million people you’re not going to get that if.

You’re just starting out it’s gonna take time like I said the free methods take a lot of time to build up to quit your job kind of income okay but you can see right here Amazon this.

Is an affiliate link alright as they stay right here if you click on that then.

They’ll get in a commission on anything that you purchase from Amazon in the next 24 hours so you could do that yourself just sign up for the program you could also promote products from clickbank’s marketplace okay clickbank has a huge marketplace with tons of products and different things if you’re trying to.

Lose weight they’re not green products but you go to sorry you go to the health products right you’ve seen you can find one of these products that you like I know this isn’t totally free but you know it’s really hard to.

Do anything for free these days and any time I suppose but anyway you could buy one of these products right here for $24 try it out yourself you know why not try it out record or document.

Everything that happens since you bought it you know you could do like an unboxing video on YouTube you know you can do your first week with that product and people are gonna be looking for that and trying to figure.

It out you know where they’re gonna be interested in what you got just what you have to say okay and then all you do is just you go to promote right you take your link from Lucy okay that would requires that so anyway you would just create your link right here I’m not logged in so I can’t do it and then.

You take your link over to your your review and you throw it right down there about a big boom as time goes by you’ll get more and more views and a few of.

Those views will translate into into income right so that’s it for this video on how to make money with affiliate marketing from scratch what I suggest you do now is you go to Facebook and you start a group yourself start a group in any niche that you’re interested.

In invite all your friends into that group and then you know posts content on the daily and try and get them.

To engage with it and then ask them to bring their friends in build a community and then start to subtly put little promotion links in.

There from time to time okay don’t spam your group.

With affiliate links all the time otherwise they’re just gonna they’re gonna leave because they don’t want that that’s it for this video see you the next one.


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