Sacrifice determination you can be intentional about your character your work ethic you gotta be on the same page today we’re calling to let you know we’re debt-free house and everything you have done really really good and you’re not gonna quit it’s been a huge witness for us to be able to share that it was time to get serious.
Intentionality people this is your show America I know it 22 what.

Know now our lives would be better is the show that’s changing the world now you don’t just listen to the show you live it live from the headquarters of Ramsey solutions it’s the Dave Ramsey show where Dad is dumb cash is king and the paid off Home Mortgage has taken the place of the BMW.

As the status symbol of choice I’m Dave Ramsey your host thanks for joining us America you can call in and talk it’s a free call the phone number is triple eight eight two five five two two five that’s triple eight eight two five five two two five starting us off this hours David in Denver hey David welcome to the.

Neighbor mg show thanks Dave I really appreciate you taking my call my pleasure what’s up my father passed in 2017 and he was a resident of Florida we found out that.

He was a sole owner of a small residential parcel.

In Texas and I helped my mother pay property tax for.

2017 and we since found out we’ve also got 2017-2018 HOA fees additional.

Taxes my question is as my mother our family responsible for paying these fees and taxes we don’t want this property and my other question is what’s the best way to dispose of this was it can you just put on the market and sell it I’m not sure I’m not we’re not on the deed my father was this whole name on the deed and.

So I guess my understanding would be we’d have to get one of us on the deed in order to sell that property as well no you’re gonna get the court’s permission and probate when you probate his estate that was as a state over probated no we were able to.

All of his other assets without probate and we kind of found out about those property after the fact any idea who I mean so you never got any kind of a.

Court rubber stamp on the estate at all you just took the stuff and handed it out he did leave a will and the will was registered with the court and I have a certified copy of that okay but in the.

World did the will leave everything to your mother yeah that may give you that that may give you all you need to sign for your mom to sign the title at the time you can check with a title company in Texas and ask them what they will require and a copy of.

The will and the will having been registered properly in a death certificate showing you know that sets her in the driver’s seat is the owner of anything that was his I assume that’s what the will said and then based on that that auto they oughta let her sign if not you may.

Have to run before the judge there in Florida and get a particular resolution done with a court you know I’m not an attorney but that it’s one of those two things I’ve transferred a lot of real estate in and out of estates so usually that’s what’s going on any idea what this property might be worth its undeveloped it’s about three.


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