What’s going on is Jack here now it’s been a while to be in a while I’m in the in the the old old set up need to charge my laptop so I come down here and it’s been hot down here but you know as you can see my face is a bit bit hey go but now we’re gonna.

Get right to this video now today it’s been a while as well for these kinds of videos but I’m gonna do a product research video on for Amazon Australia so there.

Really really wanted this video so I’ll do another one for years now part of this video it’s done without software a lot of it is done with software it’s a software that I recommend you would have seen it before it’s called.

Ebro and the reason I’m using euros because it works with the Aussie marketplace I’ll link that down below it is a lot cheaper than jungle Scout as well basically what’s going to happen with with this whole eager eye thing because back in the day used to they used to push jungle.

Scout a lot because II grow wasn’t around and now that he grows around as of I’d say maybe about four months ago maybe five months ago I’ve really started to push that because I really.

Believe in and I think that it works a lot better than jungle Scout it’s a lot cheaper so it’s gonna save you money it goes by monthly subscription don’t have to pay a big upfront costs for the for the Chrome extension as well only thing with the Chrome.

Extension because I’m on Mac it doesn’t actually work on Mac at the moments only compatible for for local Windows PC but now I’m going to show you a workaround around that when we do our product research so I really recommend it go and check it out so it’s gonna be one of the first things down below I think yeah it pulls up pulls up really.

Accurate data when it when you’re comparing two to jungle scale as well so go and check that out if you’re looking for really really good and efficient Amazon seller software so let’s get right into.

This now this is basically what I’m gonna do this is how I do most of my product research when it comes to building markets so what I’d start off with is going through this is the this is the bestseller so all i’ve did all i’ve done here has just gone up to the just just up to google I can’t spell Amazon so just typed in Amazon Australia bestsellers let.

Me just go down here to where it says I’m a popular items on Amazon so.

We’re just going to click that and departments that I sort of look for and sorry if this for some reason this guy’s dark the screen sorry sorry if it does I.

Just need to hover over this and it goes back I have no idea what does it so categories that I’d look out.

Usually be baby Beauty health household personal care home home improvement kitchen and dining and pet supplies and maybe sports fitness and outdoors got some good products in there and stationery office products.

As well so we’re gonna go to let’s give the pet supplies ago because I was looking at a few um a few products in this category just before so as you can see here so these are the best sells now.

Usually what you would do if I was on PC if you want to see the Chrome extension for eager Oh being used just go back go back if you want like back to feel my videos you’ll see me use it on them on the Windows PC I’m really really simple easy to use we’re going to show you a workaround so let’s.

Just say if you wanted to check out how much these guys are selling or I’m how much this like how well this product is doing let’s just go for something like this like a cooling a mat for your pets so it’ll probably just be so pet cooling bed so we’ll do that so this is where I go to eager I so this is the so this is the home screen just to let you guys know now I.

Don’t know how good the connection is down here so it might be a bit slow but see how we go so you got the product database the same as same as a jungle scout sorry.

Product tracker so you can track your products over time see how well they’re doing we might add a product to to the product tracker in this.
Video and this is what I’ve been using just as of recent if I’m on.

My Mac and I’m not using the Chrome extension because usually what you would do to come up here you want to see how well the top sellers are doing you just go.
Go ahead and click on this and then I’ll say.

Please wait and then it’ll load but unfortunately it doesn’t load on the on the Mac so I have a feeling they’re gonna they’re gonna make it supported by our by Mac but just so you guys know as well always use Google Chrome that’s.

Another thing I forgot to mention always use Google Chrome because you won’t be able to get an extension on any of browser definitely hope you’re not using internet explorer if you are definitely change your home your internet internet browsing.

Application there so why I’m just joking you.

Can use in that you can use unionism Internet Explorer if you really really want but I just find it very very slow and a lot.

Of people make out and make memes out of it as well so okay so what I will do from here is go to the live Amazon scanner since we can’t pull up the Chrome extension and we’ll just go to and put in the main keyword so pet cooling bed so we’ll just do all departments and I’ll searching it up before all searching up these ones before so pet cooling bed there we.

Go ago now a lot of people like so you see the numbers here which which are gonna show up so a lot of these numbers here this is what people can steer away from because if you go to the sales in America like on the US on the US side they’re going to be 10 times.

More than what our at the moment but you have to look at this you have to look at.

Amazon Australia as it is right now you have to look at a long-term game so as you can see here revenue per month that’s what it’ll pull up and pull up the seller pull up pull up their best seller rank price weight seller so ok so the number of people selling that item and then just the reviews as well so let’s just go here go through these so as you can see what are we go so by the looks of it the one that’s.

Selling the most is about two and a half thousand that’s revenue per month so I’d say profit will be about half could be higher but I just say just to be safe around half so they’re making about making just over a grand per month profit on on this item so a lot of people are going to steer.


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