Let me now have the great pleasure of introducing professor young become he’s able to come and give the presentation test afternoon professor Mitt Romney’s professor in and director of full of the same TOEFL research and evaluation Science and Technology at Stennis University and the D s T N or F center of excellence of science I entire matrix and.

HDI policy he’s on the editorial board of five international journals including the Journal of mixed methods research science and public policy in science technology and society and Minerva he has authored okay with the ten monographs.

Including understanding social research the practice of social research and how.

To succeed in your masters and doctoral studies he was also editor of the page of the nine books published ninety-eight occurs in peer-reviewed journals and chapters in books written more than 100 contract and technical reports and given more.

Than 200 papers at national and international conferences and seminars he has presented more than 60 workshops on research methodology and past created supervision and supervised 82 doctoral and masters students over the past 20 years he’s received two prizes from.

The academy for sciences and arts in South Africa including one for his contribution to the promotion of research methodology in South Africa in 2012 he was elected to the council of the academy of science of South Africa his main research interests are the philosophy las philosophy and methodology of the social sciences high education knowledge production sociology of science scienter matrix and science Policy Studies and I’m sure you’ll agree colleagues that we couldn’t have had a more suitable.
Speaker to talk to us this afternoon about the perils operated publishing.

Welcome over to you Thank You chair and ladies and gentlemen first.

Of all thank you for the invitation I must say I would love to take professor frisky with me because with that voice.
To be introduced by that voice you can’t go wrong from then onwards so I.

Should have put on my digital recorder it’s a it’s.

A also a particular pleasure for me to come back to one of my alma maters I was saying today of tower that in 1977 I.

Did my master’s degree here in philosophy at the Dane Rob and if I had not mistaken in 1976 or 77 is the first time when the staff of the old robber from the Durham funtime Brantford on campus to this campus so.

We were pioneers in this building which leaked like crazy because we’re on the seventh floor of the B Block philosophy and when the rain started the floors were flooded because they had forgotten to waterproof some parts of the of the roof apparently but I.

Was also a young teacher in philosophy lecturer.

Until 83 so it bring back bring back nice memories so I.

Have to pay the a talk on Fredrik publishing our clients and not go over about 35 40.

Minutes so that is enough time for the panelists and for discussion I’m assuming some degree of awareness of the topic but on the other hand I also thought that I would start.

With some basics about the history of this trend and talk about some more recent developments as well so let’s see if this works so I’m gonna start to talk about what is predatory and I think most people in this room will recognize the name of Jeff repeal that seemed a the.

Self-appointed watchdog on Prairie publishing Jeffrey Beal a librarian at.

In the States started around 2008 with a website identifying what he called predatory journals and predatory publishers that website.

Went down in January last year and I’ll come.

Back – what are the some of the implications of that Billy himself has has written many papers and and kept a block on his website for all these years and of course have his own definition of predatory journals this is just a short summary extract from what he said just to give you a bit of background for those who if you.

Are not familiar with the topic so first of all one of the key things that Bill maintained was that trechie journals are open access journals.

That exists for the sole purpose.

Of profit that is important to emphasize sole purpose because all journals cost money most journals have to charge a PC source of processing charges so it’s not as if this that making profit out of journals is the big issue but his point was always that trade journals are journals where profit of profit motive overrides any quality motive.

He maintained that they charged excessive fees that by the way has been proven in some studies or them again one must qualify that.

A third point that he highlighted in some of his early works was these journals.

Typically solicit manuscripts from authors but spamming these.

Researchers and especially they Yahoo and Gmail accounts and.

I’ll come back to some of the other things now in in January last year the first week of January suddenly.

Went down it was actually a quite interest expense because many of us were following Bill on his website and then suddenly bill is gone he went into a period of presumed hiding because he didn’t surface for about three months and then broke his silence and some papers after.

May what Bill did is important to realize is that on his website he maintained two lists a list of crazy journals and at January.

They were about 1200 titles and as well as the list of predatory publishers now the list of public publishers was much more comprehensive and.

We counted at some point more than 22,000 titles on that list so essentially what Bill was doing was saying to scholars and academics that hear our prayer trade journals prolific publishers that should be avoided for the following reasons and he kept a block where a lot of people contribute to.

Do that this the story after bill is part of what I’m going to talk about one thing which is important to realize is that the original lists that Bill had compiled up to January last year have been archived and still are available so although his website went down.

If you’re interested you can find any one of those lists all on other sites well a few.

Things now to bring us up to date the past five years or so also the past two three years specifically I have seen a huge increase in interest in predatory publishing I have a master student who is doing her.


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