Hi guys Chris maggoty lo siento como like to welcome you to another video today I’m gonna show you two different ways using your smartphone two applications that you can use to make some money very easily very nice to them I mean even like with two options very much before we go ahead and start this video and explain you.

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That you can have to change your life so with no further ado go ahead click the subscribe button magnification extra so you can get amplification let’s start today’s video today guys I’m gonna show you two to apps you can get for group pay for Android users or so on on you can also find those on up for miles I’ve used up or phones anymore are used to but they.

Became really complex with other iTunes all the security and so also at all enjoyed so much and so I switch 200 which I love another flexibility so I’m going to show you everything here on the Android but same applies for the i/o so if you have an iOS system and iPhone you can use the upload an iPhone to get the same app from the Apple Store yeah so I’m showing these from Google Play for the Android users the one.
Pictures and so the one application I’m.

Gonna show you is for you to check is call feature points so you can find this added to Google Play Store or on the iOS and guys what you do with this one since you’re using and downloading apps.

On your phone you can do this an end point and manually no today so you can see here the red points.

For trying figure ups completing service and shopping online I’m gonna stick to the part that you’re gonna be getting points for using apps anyway so you don’t have to do anything different you can download.

These apps like Instagram for example you are 300 points yeah so once you gonna do all these you can hand collect points and you.

Enough points to connect with either Amazon cards with Nintendo with Walmart.

With Playstation or you can get a PayPal casual or even on Bitcoin if you want to get some Bitcoin and save them so this is what I wanted to use to show you so.

Far these guys have paid over 5.

6 million dollars in new ones since 2012 they are out there so we’re talking about something valid something legit give it a shot if you downloading apps without everybody downloading apps why not doing it through them and get the reward through.

The points and later on through cash so number one feature points who are here download they give it a shot second one I’m going to show you it’s an application called deep pop yeah so again you can get this from the Google Play Store.

And the reason I’m showing these up is because last week you are asking me to show you a couple of ways that you can easy to make money from home yeah in one of the sites and there isn’t actually a lot of.

The ways I I refer to you is to start selling things and what happened sitting home yeah so if you have stopped Sydney home go ahead and sell them and make some money because you have them seen around now why is.

This a little bit different buying selling this on eBay or Amazon or on your local marketplace with the pop if you download it you were able to just take photos and upload directly to the app that.

Man put the description put your information in and once you do you sell by just taking the photos you put the description and the.
The money directly so it’s a very nice fast way.

Instead of putting like eBay or Amazon you have to take the photos just on the computer download them put.

You this extra test it makes it a little bit faster and it’s much nice and if you have the app on your phone guys you go take the photo let’s ago I don’t think they thought of this done directly it’s uploaded you put a description you don’t have to transfer anything it makes the process much much easier especially if you have a lot of some things that you would like to sell sometimes you get annoyed.

I said okay I need to spend one hour one hour the half take the photo started on the computer and so now this point you can reduce the time by a lot and make the process much easier by using this up so this.

That I wanted to show you you can use your smartphone at any time put the dip up for example you are home you have 10 minutes free you found on all browser or jeans you want to say you take a photo upload it send it you can do this while you’re walking around in your house very easy guys there is this give it a shot.

Be really really impressed with this so two features I want to show you two apps that you can use iOS or Android you can get that from the Google Play or iOS store on iTunes.
Give it a shot I think you wanna really like it this is what.

I want to show you guys they are hope you like the corner of this video if you did don’t forget to click the thumbs up don’t forget to check my number one recommendation below on how you can make some extra cash online and make sure you click the subscribe button on the lower right side if you have it already thank you enjoy your day let’s stop making some money together thank you guys bye bye you.


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