All right shallow wom like to give all praises to you however by showed me I was shy but Hashem raka’a – Baraka thumb to the occup that’s teaching his words to City and truth and double honest to our apostles all right and elders a great millstone who taught us this word through the spirit of power yeah how about.

Shipping out shot all right.

Back at you again with a quick lesson while I’m gonna go and you know earlier I was watching this morning and I was watching a possible a possible to heart and he did a show on.

Well this afternoon no I saw the show that you did based on the Israelite woman you know and how you know I believe the title was of the Israelite woman Babylon has destroyed you you know around that around around that you know and um and he was said you know homophobia how this black woman was a this Israelite woman you know she was defendant transsexuals and things of that nature all right and I jog.

My memory you know the brothers appalled at my camp he said you know articles which is earlier this week on something around similar similar that nature man dealing with homosexuality homosexuality beats dealing with a transsexual you know and and it’s just proves all.

Right that this world has to come to an end the rulership of Esau has sold because the Scriptures told us in Matthew 24 that he’s shortened the days for the Aleksey all right you know if the low-side don’t sort in these days that no flesh will be seen all right and that also jogged my memory on there was an article that came out.

I think the beginning of this year or last year that they said that they wanted to I think it was in DC the place was in DC I.

Guess the governor whoever somebody had me mentioned on how they want to mandate transsexual dating you know as if the government gonna force straight men it’s a date transsexuals man this has proved that he saw as he’s not you know this devil was not looking for uh more money he’s.

Seeking more controlling power alright he wants to control he wants to be as if he’s the most high to control you you know this water always it goes right back to what the prophecy of the mark of the beast the RFID microchip man okay and how.

Control your emotions they can physically control uh you know your ideas you know the things you think of you know they can cut you off from society if you don’t go according to the lives of this government.

And just because the government passed certain laws don’t make it right and that’s what’s wrong with um you know the Israelite him all right the Israelite man you know.

Hey we got useful to have more common system that’s meant all right if the government pass laws for Petiot sexuals meant for the right that.

A grown man or woman can have a sexual relationship with a 5-4 year old you know and have the desires of that child and they pass the laws and said it’s okay did that make it right you know also you know when the apostle was speaking it was jogging my memory all right of also uh.

You know the guy what’s his name Will Smith’s son that is the Jaden Smith you know he was pushing for flashy in a year before he was pushing for this new agenda all right which is um you know.


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