Hello everyone this is Chris with marketing tell UCM to comment on today’s video we like to talk to you about a nice new method that I found out there on how you can make up to $16 per hour with no experience needed no technical knowledge needed just hitting a connection laptop or PC and you can start earning money.

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To receive your feedback and in order to improve and so on from there so with no further ado let’s go ahead and start this video on how you can make money online right.

Guys what I would like you to do I would like you to open your browser and on your Google window just go ahead and type in lye on bridge Lani on bitch there you go hit.

Search and it will bring you to this result here lie on bridge which is as you can see it’s a.

Website with is based on technologies specializing in language localization software testing elearning and so on I’ll give you a little bit more information about this site and what they do actually the nice thing about this one what I really like is that guys you don’t need any knowledge at all only thing you need to do is browsing.

Around these guys we will guide you on how and what exactly to do but you only need to do is have Internet and a PC very nice things like you don’t have to talk in leisure I mean you are able to talk different languages and you’re still able to use this let me go ahead tell you this this website is also was presented on Forbes not long.

Ago as one of the best sites and business rising out there and you can see here on the Better Business Bureau which is one of the most highly trusted.

Site when they are rating they gave a plus you see here they give a plus which is really really good so you know that you are able to start working on something that is really trusted and really high rated as one of.

The really really good business sites out there so what you what you gonna do on this site pretty much what they would do for the job I’m gonna show you this different does but but one I show and I really like is is you the to a browsing you be given a few words or tasks let’s say for example from the lion bridge administrators and you have to go ahead and browse around for those results let’s say for example you.

Do something like a search engi Confirmation what i what i mean let me explain sometimes when you go to search engines.

Like Google Yahoo and so on and you want to search for something let’s say for example you look in to find.

Out the next BMW model what is the B&W model of 2018 yeah and you keep search and then you hit enter and you want to see how well the results.

If you start seeing the results on that page it’s not relatable B&W you see that the first results which is supposed to be the most accurate one are related with MS and s preneur Volkswagen brand and so on that means is not accurate so what.
The lion village does it makes sure that.

The companies that hire them to do this there is not a comment for their products and their services are accurate so let’s say for example and they may give you for.

B&W that you when you type the B&W newest model for example that the result comes out there that I could it they are about this pimp appear Motel and so on or it let’s say for example you want to search for the latest mandala record yeah if for any reason you to you to the Madonna record such-and-such window or the 7 she gives you resourceful Michael Jackson.

For example that means is not accurate up to right and people lose trust with us at LG and the company and they don’t buy the reservation product so that’s where Lion bridge comes in and that’s where they hide you from your site.

In order to go ahead and search for the products that liabilities been hired to do these such valuations and this is pretty much what you do you sit down comfort of your house when you have some free time maybe you’re in the office when you’re a little bit more flexible and you have time maybe you are home maybe you are a new mom and you have.

Some free time and you want to make some extra income maybe you are unemployed and you want to make some extra income maybe you do have a job and you’re looking to make some extra income guys it’s it’s very easy I mean he’s not gonna make you rich overnight but it’s some extra.
Income and as I told you what.

You is is an example here on on the pay when you can do this the one.

They have different jobs that I can go through in a minute but the average pay Beco actually from 15 up to $19 per hour yeah so this is pretty good they have also.

Other jobs like internet access law which pretty much do the same thing but for eternal related jobs and interpreter if you are interested I think the one that I like really much and I found very.

Easy to follow with the best opportunities here is a search engine right door but it’s up to you if you would like to apply one or other jobs from here so after night it was proud guys this is pretty good what you need to keep in mind those that this is for you are you.

Working like a contractor you are not becoming an employee and the contractor deal goes up to 22 for solid for 20 hours per week yeah so you keep in mind and you are able to.

Make let’s say for example 19 hours so 90 dollars for 20 hours per week and so on and if you want more hours maybe you can apply for another of the jobs here then this is it guys it’s very easy what.

I really love about this is actually no prior experience is needed if your home and you want to make some extra income you are able to do this at any time you are able to do it if you a little bit worried about the hours you can do.

It on data and night time between your breaks it’s it’s very easy to do that’s what we like about this side so this is it I hope you liked.

The video today go ahead and start browsing around there side in order to see a little bit more information for your side apply and start making money I hope you enjoyed the video today guys I really like to hear you have your feedback and as always I do invite you to.

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