In 2008 an international research organization was founded that would seek to have a positive influence on relationships and policymaking within and between the countries of ASEAN and East Asia this is area the Economic Research Institute for ASEAN and East Asia for the past decade area has worked hand-in-hand with Asya providing research policy advice and capacity building and creating.
Publications and events to share.

Findings and encourage dialogue when area was first mooted the thinking was we need a very substantial.

Body on the secretary level.

I think we are privileged also to be able to work closely the area in many projects that of great importance to ASEAN we wanted a body that could provide intellectual contribution to the ASEAN Secretariat itself it’s very important for an organization like ours Ian to have the backing academically for what it wants to do and that’s.

Where area fills in the gap and helps provides the research to formulate policies and alternatives for future cooperation area provides high-quality independent research under three key pillars deepening economic integration narrowing development gaps and achieving sustainable development more about providing the information that’s needed for the.

Negotiators all for the political decision makers to agree on something an area is now accepted as one of the major research institutes relating to economic and social and political development even in East Asia as a whole areas.

Influence has also had an important impact on the design and direction of policy and ASEAN over the past decade we are not a pure academic institution we must do the more practical proceeding orientation an areas rural of course is also to promote talking through of sensible policy developments and it plays a.

Fundamentally important role in that respect I regularly meet with ministers to discuss our policy recommendation on economic issues related to the region area has successfully contributed to the progress of ASEAN and East Asia through its capacity building work on a wide range of topics of regional.

Strategic importance the deep purpose which areas designed to serve in building up the capacity for promoting Economic Cooperation and political cooperation for that matter in ASEAN and between as units and.

Its partners in East Asia we hope through the various party building activities we are able.

To empower the government officials to undertake quality research for themselves to understand the research.

But really to be attuned to the issues areas relationship with ASEAN and its partners and the impact of its work have gone from strength to strength in its first decade having watched Iria growth over the last ten years I.

Must say that it’s been extremely important for us in ASEAN to have engaged this this body the contribution has been very.

Significant the one on the area that is visible to us in the Secretariat in the area of energy corporation where area has played a leading role after its first decade of input into.

The development of ASEAN area must now be ready to meet the challenges of the future I think we in the area community know there’s a lot of work still to be done but you can take you know some elements of success as an indicator of what era can achieve over time the issues for area are not going to go.

Away they’re going to change the resolution and the wrestle.

Our seminal partner must contribute to carry on us book so I would hope that 10 years agenda into the future of area that we would see more indigenous more local capacity be built area hopefully in the not too distant.

Future will become like the OECD’s of the our region we believe that issue like sustainable development like environment issue the education humanitarian aspect of it as well as a issue related to breathe environment which we think area has the capacity to develop expertise and provide policy recommendation to hacia economic development is not.

For itself alone in this for enriching the entire society moving up so what we have economic progress we must also help social cultural progress area will continue to contribute to the community building of Assam and East.


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