Greetings class my name is Warwick Samms I am a graduate student at Everton University this graduate research project was ethically conducted for my change management class professor Sanchez and M Burton University most of the research showed biases and generalizations related to one type of organization and leadership behaviors in relationship to the followers behaviors were omitted my graduate research.

Project relates to change within my organization Clay County utility authority introduction this research project examines multiple scholarly studies that completed research on public organizations related to organizational change strategic change planning executing the change strategy sustaining change efforts models my hypothesis deep structural change will happen at Clay County utility authority a public utility company paying employees 165 workers.

Change is implemented from the bottom to the top use leadership a is congruent with the three organizations levels individual group in the organization’s.

My literature review revolutionary change is more than just changing their culture it relates to change in all parts of an organization this change is more difficult than transactional change or evolutionary change which only touch pieces of an organization and is continuous in.

Nature revolutionary change is considered transformational or discontinuous in nature and requires strategic planning execution and sustaining public organizations readiness to change is affected by the followers however it is important that change leadership decides the message and leadership style of doing the change planning process core to a study performed by burg berry and Chandler 2012 gender and change leadership was a significant but it appeared that women could be better at producing transformational change due to their creative nature all the pasty absalom and fold in their guard 2013.

Defined resistant as an individual group or group effort to stop change however resistant to.

Change to be seen as a symptom and the cause of the resistant is the true problem methodology the research and studies were conducted using the following tooms questionnaires as this statistics background for revolutionary change a Clay County utility authority Clay County utility authority is a public water and wastewater utility company they employed 165 workers its IT and I asked infrastructure is segmented and the company’s business business units communicate and facilitate businesses with paper processes paperwork is duplicated through the centralized departments and silos that manage sections of the organization workflow which makes communication difficult.
The organization is undergoing a revolutionary process that will develop.

Innovative IT and is enterprise systems that will remove unnecessary processes and improved communication through teamwork that will transform the system to.

A matrix organization the roadmap below explained the needed change efforts and planning process that would make Clay County utility authority change effort successful why the change is needed well we have environmental pressures internal.

Nature of change framework of managing the change organization may not change environmental pressures.

For change that Clay County utility authority comes from suppliers contractors the county the state of Florida and other regulatory agencies internal pressures for change that click on the utility authority comes from the people they serve our customers in the staff that wants to grow what is the nature of our change what framework of managing change will be most effective in our organization say county utility authority will use the Telo logical theory school of salt to help with its change management because this organization is.

First purposeful and adaptive thing counting utility authority is purposeful for supplying a safe drinking water for its customers and the business is adaptive as if set goals and plan for disruption in this environment are.

There any using our organization may not change the spiking down my environmental pressures yes Clay County utilities authority will change despite in the environment of pressure from individuals or groups because it is adaptive what type of change are anticipating or planning say county utility authority will undergo a revolutionary change that will affect the individual room and organization of them the change will replace.

The paper-based is IT systems and.

Develop a team focused environment which if any of the models for diagnosis chain will or will we not use Clay County utility authority will use questionnaires and.

To gather data and diagnose the needed change efforts and applied it to Levitz organizational system model which is task people technology and structure all round.

Together in the web resistant to change there are many reason why people are resistant to change the one greatest reason is the lack of communication excellence to mitigate or eliminate resistant to Jaina means the most important goal in our organization to come back resistant to change is honest communication to our members to our.
Teammates to our friends being participative top management.

Middle management and line support managers will need to include all levels of workers to help perpetuate the challenge efforts they County utility authority team members and individuals need to be supportive of the change we need to be supportive of each other as well our change approach we will we will infuse change.

Agents at all levels of the organization we will also hire a consultant to help with organizational development in addition to training in development will be ongoing to help support I will change efforts the change message the check the change message has been precise and clear to everyone from the bottom up and top down this means the change message has to be.

Strategic Clay County utility authority has to decide what media type we were used to deliver the message it’s important that we use fueled individuals to deliver the message say county utility authority will communicate its message again from the top down.

Participative fashion Clay County utility Authority will use a participative strategy to effectuate its change effort they coming utility Authority we use written questionnaires group meetings and continued announcement from leadership in.
Addition Clay County utility Authority will utilize staff.

With leadership change management project and human resource skills to communicate its continued change effort sustaining the change implement action to sustain change well we’re going to have monetary.

Rewards as well as non monetary rewards such as vacation days ease recognition Clay County utility authority will use a monetary.

And non-monetary reward system to sustain exchange and encourage innovation for efficiency.

And effectiveness while those specific actions say County utility Authority anticipate that staff will be highly motivated when they seem that their behaviors produce positive outcomes which allow them to receive rewards and recognition recommendations based on this research we recommend applying our findings.

To lay the studies that should include public organization from other disciplines further studies can remove.

Generalization biases that were discovered by including public orders organization that have not been included in an organization change study and the effect of the change leader behavior related to the followers and their reward system.

Family changing organization is not linear so it would be wise to research other platforms such as leadership and organizational theories to help with chains efforts what we found interesting in the studies was that there was no correlation the team between the behavior of the organization management.

Executive level or the change agent in relationship to the studies no ethical boundaries were dilated and the participating organization private information was kept confidential this generalization of this study.

Was due to it inadequate resources and uncontrollable variables related to historical practices and contextual settings.

This study may provide the 21st century public workforce change agents with inputs and processes to exact change with lism resistance by recognizing interference and all levels of the organization in addition organizational change spans many disciplines such as psychology engineering and.


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