Aaron dykes here for true stream media and I just want to get as much of this as I could on the record it’s a chapter about frankenfoods the alchemical vegetable Frankenstein the seedless seeds of the end Regine’s food now that’s a mouthful to be sure it comes out of this book transhumanism a grimoire of alchemical agendas by Joseph. Scott de DeHart and a lot of it’s based on seeds of destruction by William F Engel a great author and basically will.

Leave most of the occultic aspects of alchemy for another time but you could just think of it as a transformation in this case of society or humanity and they get into the Rockefellers and their connection to older systems including Francis Bacon but on the basic idea that the modern elites the contemporary elites are following the idea of number one an upper limit or carrying capacity for the number of people who can populate this planet and they presume that there are.

Too many useless eaters the population explosion demands that all places give way to new and this leads them to other conclusions including number two that this calls for social engineering measures including various methods of population reduction and genetic manipulation of the food supply number.

Three this in turn can be effected by the engineering of man himself but the injection of human.

Genes into plants or the injection and to plant genes into humans just because the corn is sentient and in constant pain doesn’t mean it’s unhealthy or unsafe to eat again to transform humanity.

And society towards a transhumanism where the actual human being is changed the DNA is changed it becomes a different person and then they talk about how it is known it’s on the record that the Rockefeller Foundation and others financed the American eugenics Society and the records office at Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory in New York which was the home base of the former uppercase eugenics in America and when they did that they catalogued.
Millions of index cards on the.

Bloodlines of ordinary Americans and they tried to map it Ferrier bloodlines and basically marked them for extinction and that’s not exactly an exaggeration they did a lot of other things under eugenics but this.

Chapter gets into how one of the Rockefeller experts was Frederick Osborn a founding member of the American eugenic society an admirer of the Nazis one who instructed the Nazis and he was the first president of john d rockefeller the Third’s.
Population council Osborn quoted in 1956 after.

World War two how the Nazi movement had all but killed the eugenics movement because they.

Adopted the US and British system of eugenics and then they got themselves a.

Bad name he said in part eugenics was to be masked marketed under a new guise instead of talking about eliminating inferior people through forced sterilization to birth control there would be free choice.

Of family size and quality so you should notice some propaganda terms there a lot of people don’t realize where they get their idea on how many children they want what they think about society and people’s rights a lot of it.

Has been directly steered through Rockefeller sponsored propaganda all of this the authors right was to be accomplished by a mass market campaign of social engineering appealing to the new idea of quote wanted showed women in their early 30s with three to five children want to stop having more children we know that married women 22:39 want fewer children approve of.

Family planning and they’re trying ineffectively to limit the size of their families they touched further upon the connections between Osborn that is the first president of john.

D rockefeller population council and some of the nazi eugenicist here they cite Herman J Mueller who talked about quote it would be in the end far easier and more sensible to manufacture.

A completely new man de novo out of appropriately chosen raw materials than a tried to refashion into human form those pitiful relics which remain and in that statement they’re alluding to that the base of humanity is flawed and that they’re not needed and that extinction would be just great it gets right into the transhumanist idea and they talk about sperm banks and high quality donors and they’re talking about genetically breeding an.
Entire new class of humans then they get into the Rockefeller Foundation.

Sponsorship of many many things but among them the war and Peace Studies group of the New York Council on Foreign Relations for three hundred and fifty thousand dollars and this was before World War two an enormous sum at.
The time and look at this study isn’t.

It telling it was to study the post-war role of the u.
assuming that there would be a world war and that the US would emerge from the ashes as the dominant global power the study of the group further.

Projected that the US would replace the British Empire is the preeminent global power and planned accordingly they say that rather than the British.

Model of physically possessing colonies all around the world as they did the CFR Study Group would base.

It around the idea of controlling the economic influence family planning is an integral part of development planning you cannot hope to plan other forms of production if you cannot plan the production of the main resources the human beings look at what happens today with the IMF the World Bank the central banks and other related organizations they have those countries under their.

Grip while they’re formally and named free within this context john d rockefeller the third was of course pursuing eugenics and depopulation policies via the population council they tie a lot of population control measures to countries tied directly to loans and other funding at the same time his brother Nelson Rockefeller was working on the worldwide food production problem and this.

Led to what was known as the Green Revolution man is planting.

In narrow rows to increase his food production to meet the growing demand for modern technology is bringing life-giving food in ever increasing quantities and they wanted to dominate agriculture technology and thereby global food production why well it feeds into the alchemy of course it’s profitable it leads to control and it’s also a depopulation weapon to.

This in Rockefeller interest promised a green revolution and focused in sensitive areas of.


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