All right welcome everyone this is Tammy Montgomery I’m actually the fearless mama that is my nickname and it is the 24th of October I cannot believe it we’re smack dab in the middle of what I call the home-based business boom the season is upon us and it’s only getting better so I just wanted to welcome everybody here I.

You guys coming here tonight this is the biggest turnout that I’ve ever had for the fearless crew I’ve actually spoken front of people on stage three.

Times and it was very nerve-wracking the first time I did it so just like anything you know would repeat you get more used to it so I’m gonna tell you guys a little bit about myself what hey Cassandra how.

Are you and why I have created this product at 250 front end it’s actually a front end product for the big ticket that I’m in I’m going to talk about that you know towards the end but I just wanted you guys to know who I am a little bit about me so you can you.

Tell you or your prospects and you know hey I’m involved in you know I’m with Tammy and the fearless crew and so um I’m actually a 31 year old 31 years had been taken of eminent entrepreneur for 31 years I have probably started probably five different kind of businesses.

I was a entrepreneur with restaurants at one point mortgage broker I helped my husband always with the advertising and marketing so it’s kind.

Of my background I love it it’s really something a passion of mine is marketing and advertising and in 2008 I mean I thought.

It was gonna last forever I thought mortgage.

Is real estate you know what this is gonna just last forever we are set you know what I mean and everybody thinks that right and then all sudden and Phil’s shaking his head he knows who I’m talking about Allison the boom you know 2008 the bank stopped lending um the crash came you know and I was looking like well what the heck am I gonna do I still wanna.

I still want to honestly stay home with my kids and so I was really determined to figure out the home-based business industry so I actually got into top-tier I responded to a magazine ad and I said man if I can advertise a website then I can do that you know I mean I wanted something really simple something that I.

Didn’t have to have employees I’d been there done that I had 22 employees you know in our office I had a restaurant that oh my gosh I worked so many hours you know in that restaurant and.

So I wanted something really simple something that anyone could do if I could do it and I could show the people to do it and that would be just a dream occupation you know a dream career so so about 10.

Years ago I’ve actually been yeah about 10 years now I’m not sure the date the exact date that I.

Got into this industry but I call it top tier sales remember to member so I looked for something that was fast like that would come to me fast and there’s many many people on here and they know what I’m talking about when you have.

Your bills you want something that you can plug into you don’t have to have a huge inventory you don’t have to have you know staff you don’t have to go out and rent something you know you don’t have to you know go into hundreds of thousands of dollars in debt and I don’t even want to tell you guys how.

A restaurant I started up to very very expensive to start up a restaurant you know I thought well you know and my husband that I would talked about well franchising and everything like that you know but it really it was we got burnout we really did so so we did restaurants we did we were mortgage brokers and then I just told Bob I said you know I really want to stay.

Home with the kids and and our kids were getting bullied in school that was another huge reason why I wanted to do this so I was able to homeschool them successfully through this 10 years I’ve actually homeschooled Robbie and Amanda they’re both graduated from you know unstoppable and fearless mama the team here and and so that was really great so that’s my why is to be able to be.

Home with my kids I mean I’m the fearless mama you know I like to have my common Timothy Ben talked about it I.

Like to have my you know my team and you know people that I care about you know I want them to succeed you know I mean that’s what I’m all about so so anyway so this idea came along right around march/april timeframe and I produced the first mama product which a lot of my team got they got the product they wanted to learn how to market online how to drive traffic.

That is the main objective when you get into an online business and so they look pretty well and then about a month ago it was actually the process of and some people know this.

It was the process of selling my main property I am in this project of creating the modules getting.

All this stuff put together I like to be busy I get pretty bored if I’m not doing something so I put this product together and and well I here we.

Are it’s a 250 100% Commission where you can make this your you know and you don’t have to get into the other portion you can stay here if you want but there’s also money on the other end so you can make $250 over and over and over a hundred percent commission the company does not ask for an admin fee they don’t ask for a dime so that’s how that started I’m gonna share my screen.

Here in a minute and I’m gonna show you guys exactly how this can create more and more and more money for you because with.

The lifestyle remember I was a mortgage broker and real estate investor I like to you know to have nice things I like to go on vacations everybody does right so I used to flip properties and I pocket 25 50 thousand dollars in one deal you know so you.

Kind of get used to that lifestyle so I had to find something that would still bring in five figures a month you know I’m saying so.

And you can certainly do that with the 250 program you can make ten thousand a month I can see some.

People out here doing that okay but where the real money is is when you get into the other levels so I’m going to share with you a.

Mind map we’ve maxed out the zoom guys good congratulations no one else can come on we’re at a hundred so um one second never maxed.

Out a zoom before okay I gotta go to my dashboard everybody can hear me still what’s up I gotta share my screen you guys can still hear me right I didn’t touch nothing I was like being very careful all right I’m.
Gonna turn this round so you guys can see what you’d actually.

Get within the product so you’ve been invited here by someone that cares about you okay you’ve heard about this meeting and now you wanna know what are you gonna get when you purchase the $250 whenever set commission program okay all right let’s flip it around here.

Share the screen you guys can see it still so this is the back-office of The Fearless mama product and that’s me I’m gonna walk you guys through on this.

Video you don’t have to help your member they need to listen to the video remember this is why we did this was autopilot so when someone.

Joins they pay you they’re gonna get a welcome email with a username and password and it’s gonna go right here boom they’re gonna be able to sign in a lot of these systems you guys are used to it a lot of you experts here with member to member so they’re gonna.

Get this this login it’s pretty basic you know right and there’s gonna be where your Commission’s are up here you’re gonna be able to.

Make 250 1000 3000 5000 you’re gonna be able to set up.

Your account you can either take stripe stripe school but you also have an option now to take authorize literally today it is there for you guys to plug into and that’s what I happen now stripe you know like PayPal they like to shut down home-based businesses for whatever reason I don’t understand but so now we.

Have a backup so we’re never gonna get shot shutdown in fact I know the gentleman very well I’ve been.

Using them for seven years and he asked me about the product so I show them products it’s literally approved by the first data which is one of the biggest credit card companies in the state’s first data so I’m so thrilled about that this is happening right now today and I’m.

So glad because we will always you know be fine because Jill approved it on the dashboard three it keeps replaying sorry about that there’s three if you want to call it ways that you can learn you can learn just like this you can learn to coming to my lives every single Monday which is right down here I actually have a recording where you can listen to one of my lives where I watch you guys step by.

Step on how to make $250 in 72 hours okay where to plug in for traffic you’re gonna get my my bonus guide right here okay not gonna show it all to cuz there’s some people still on here that hasn’t purchased but down here underneath here is how you get set up and then the traffic resources that I continue to keep putting in there because I test them myself I tested myself before I ever ever recommend them to anybody that’s just how I am because you want something that you know.

There’s a lot of junk out there there’s a lot of traffic providers that say quote unquote that they drive traffic and they give you pull and cool opt-ins you know I’m saying again this is an internet marketing business and so you want targeted traffic you don’t want someone sent and junk and we especially don’t want the system to get.

Bogged down okay so we have to be careful you know with who we’re using and I’m not saying you if you have a provider cool and you get traffic right now and.

It’s converting cool but if you don’t I’m saying you can plug into my recommended resources and again they’re just recommended okay I always have to put a disclaimer on some of these zooms that I’m only showing you guys what I’ve done and then what my results are it’s possibly you’ll have a totally different result it might be a different change of the wind or a different day or you know or whatever I’m just saying that these are things that I’ve tested myself okay so you’re gonna have the the recordings of all the zooms see.

I started this in July and so I have all these smells solo ad trainings so if you ever have a question on solo ad you don’t bother your sponsor you come in here and you.

Listen to these videos because that’s why I did this this is why you paid the money there’s an hour right there the our and ten right there I did about my fan page there should have a fan page everybody should have a fan page they’re gonna be looking you up you should start using.

Classified ads outsourcing to classified ads outsourcing your business in general I’m doing more and more outsourcing I’ll probably be using one two three employee I got to meet the owner last year in London.

I attended so so there’s a lot of things you can do and again everything is ever-changing and that’s the reason why we created this so that every week you.

Can hop on with me and I’m gonna have other members I have already couple guys that are telling me I’m gonna be jumping on and I’m gonna help you train so isn’t that great so so you know we’re always gonna.

Have fresh content okay but remember this video that I did is what you listen to first then you come over here this is where you’re gonna get your link see it’s because it’s member to member we’re not going to email you a referral link we’re gonna have you mate make sure you get paid.

Referral link is gonna show up at the bottom okay it’s gonna show up right here see where – it’s gonna show up right here whoops you can’t copy and paste right there that’s where it’s.

Gonna show up isn’t that cool so you’re gonna be able to literally have this dashboard now let me just show you the other business right here there’s other money like I said on the table try not to go too fast is everybody cool still this is the this is the mastermind this is the.

Tim Burgers mind map I call mind maps and it’s always so good whenever.

You’re you know either planning a business or when you’re starting an online opportunity as you want to and I do this quite a bit in other words pretend like you’re not a airplane right now and you’re looking down as this 30,000 foot view what it what is your life what do.

You want it to be you know how do you want.

To live like in other words do you want to you know siphon people you know at the top is what you.

Want to do and then at the bottom you’re gonna be working with you know people that are super serious like in other words guess it’s great we.

Got to to product um Tom’s also in this sfe I got a lot of my.


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