So recently I got a comment on the subscriber and he asked me what how do we transition to a resource-based economy watch this video called resource-based economy unnatural lower economy and he was asking how it’s very cool with this new economy but how do we transition for currently economy to this economy well the transition is very difficult to.

Predict how the transition will happen exactly and it’s not a it’s not even certain that we will have a resource-based economy in the in the in the future but the the economy will be very different in the future that is that is for sure the transition might happen in many different ways.

But it’s upon us understand that the transition will have not happened if we are not pushed and we will be pushed by unemployment example rates are going up and they will continue going on because of optimization so this will force humble force with the government to implement a guaranteed income and when this goes out this might inspire other countries so it might be internet in one country.

At first and then it might inspire other countries because this country will become may be more efficient in some ways and the people become more happier and other countries will get inspired by this new model implementing and guaranteeing income is something that is tampering with the current economy because it’s restructuring the way we the economy works to.

Some extent what will happen with the transition was a lot of.

Small things like for example if and I can if I guaranteed income will be implemented in the country people would have more time to think to reflect and even maybe try to change other things about the economy the.

Pollution might also be and will is a big thing that will impact and and push on the change to happen and the transition might take long but there are certain things that are certain of cost helping with the transition people becoming more aware that there’s something wrong with the economy or something fundamentally wrong in the way we.

Organize ourselves this is something that might help so anything that is teaching.

Or informing people about such things will help with with transition of opening people’s eyes you must understand that around you need a critical mass for very big change to happen and it does that is.

Around 10% of people need to agree on that there’s something fundamentally wrong in the way we organize ourselves so this is a structural problem that we see in society so um it’s not certain that we will reach a resource-based economy this is just one example but there will be a modern economy and it will be more aligned with the laws of nature that’s why it’s sometimes the resource-based economy is referred as.

A natural law economy it is aligned with our current understanding of science and we apply this science to ensure the best technical efficiency when we are making choices and we will measure probably society from two parameters one is sustainability and that although is one is well well-being and technical efficiency will be.

Core this society and dimentional month well being sustainability will be the measurement compared to today where we measure cost efficiency and circular consumption.


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