Andrew would with some more tips on how you can sell more books you know there’s no getting away from it marketing is how you sell books and for 20 years I’ve had the discipline to start every day at the very least the first hour of every day and now with the massive amount of social media I do it’s.

Really more like 2 hours a day promoting my book and I do.

Seven days a week I get up I read the paper for 15 minutes and then I stop posting on my fan pages I.

Have vertical fan pages for the different genres that I’m in I have private groups tour the different genres I’m in I have LinkedIn then I’ve got LinkedIn groups for the different genres I mean I’ve got YouTube groups for the different genres that I write to and you know it’s a lot of work it is a lot of work but there is no getting around it you have to devote.

At least an hour a day and two hours would be better – promoting your books in every way possible using social media and consistency is the key on social.

Media well two things great content and consistency you can have great content put it out there for a week.

Or a month and people forget about you as soon as you’re gone for a week.

There’s so much out there you’ve got to be in front of them in their inbox in their LinkedIn in their Facebook every single day the alternative to doing it every single day is to devote a weekend a month and pre-plan everything like when I shoot these videos I’ll shoot 5 10 15 even 20 videos in a single day and then I’ve.

Got them done and then I can program them in and I can even get a month I can get a month’s worth of content done in a weekend and and that’s maybe better for some people is take a weekend do a whole month worth of planning and then use one of the social media.

Posting apps so you just schedule everything and you don’t have to worry about it every day but you do have to be there every day if you really want to sell.


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