Hey everyone is a vigilant person Mario and you here for another edition of vigilant biblical study in today’s video I wanted to talk about a very important topic that is money in the Bible there is in the church an absolutely false doctrine a false teaching when it comes to money and it’s very important that just because we have.

That false teaching in the church we don’t throw out the idea or concept.

That God has the desire and will to help us with our.

Finances he so does just like any good father wants their child to be responsible in their finances so does our Heavenly Father and.

He wants to bless us any desires that we operate in wisdom with the resources that he gives us so what we’re going to look at today is the Bible and how it is.

To financial success now one thing I can already hear the objections and it’s going to come from a twisting of Scripture a lot of people think that the Bible says money is the root of all evil.

The love of money is the root of all evil I did it teaching previously on kena Christian.

Have a position of power and influence I showed the Joseph was given by Pharaoh power money and.

Authority and a high position in the Egyptian government and he used that to glorify God it did not corrupt him although he was given these external things on the inside he was a true man of righteousness one who loved the Lord and did not allow these things on the outside to corrupt him and in fact used those.

Things that were given to him on the outside for the glorification of God and to help God’s people and this is what we need to be doing in our finances and also we.

The scriptures Satan twist scriptures so.

The proper understanding is not the lot money is the root of all evil it’s the love of and money itself is absolutely neutral this can be easily proven I’ll.

Show you in two seconds flat you can take a dollar bill or I don’t know how much it is to buy a gun.

Gun and commit a murder you can take that same amount of money because the money is neutral it’s what you do with it and go feed the poor it is not the money itself that corrupts it is the love of money and Joseph as our example shows us.

That you can be given all the power wealth in the world and not be corrupted so we need to.

Understand that now as I mentioned there is a false teaching in the church it’s called the prosperity gospel I’ll go ahead and leave this linked up in the description section below this video is not about that at all I am NOT a prosperity gospel teacher in fact I clearly exposed it in this video and what the prosperity gospel is is Oh God wants to make you wealthy so your seed and.

All this crazy stuff that if you give to a particular preacher or minister you’re going to receive ten times your healing will only come if you give money and it’s an absolute heresy that’s not what I’m talking about in this video and I need to make that.

100 percent clear this is the false understanding that in a sense hurts and damages the real teaching of money in the Bible because God does have wisdom he does have things that he wants to show us as I’m going to illustrate in this video from the scriptures but then the devil knowing the God has wisdom to give us in our finances wants.

To send in a wolf in sheep’s clothing a theology that comes from Satan that masquerades itself as a teaching from the Bible but.
It is absolutely not it is heresy what.

You can find in the Bible in terms of advice.

For you and your finances is basically what your grandma’s been telling you your entire life it is very very basic it has to do with saving budgeting living within your means very old-school things that a lot of our grandma’s probably told us put a little money away for a rainy day invest a portion of your money etc grandma always knows by the way most times so you can always rely on the old-school wisdom of the elderly generation and they had finances figured.

Out pretty good now what happens is we live in a modern culture and we get our financial advice.

From bankers who will even counsel people about good debt which is absolutely crazy they will try and do things apart from what grandma has told you to do they counsel you to get credit cards they counsel you to live beyond your means by your FICO which is your credit score and.

Nonsense like that so be vigilant go to granny’s advice and granny’s advice basically comes from the scriptures a lot of what I’m getting actually comes.

From a fantastic brother in Christ who is a financial teacher.

His name is Dave Ramsey I highly recommend that any of you check out his work it.

Has helped me in my financial life and it will help you he is being used by God to use biblical principles to re-establish financial health in many people’s lives this is the book that I’m going to recommend because I have it myself the Total Money Makeover a proven plan for financial fitness it’s grandma’s advice packaged in a book very well so that you can actually follow this system to pay.

Off debt create emergency savings accounts for you and your family so when troubles come up in you know your car goes your engine blows up or you get a.

Flat tire you’re not relying on high interest credit cards you have saved up money you’ve been wise with your finances so very great also in the description section I’m going to leave a teaching a sermon that he’s done on this topic of the Bible and money and I highly recommend you take the half-hour to go ahead and watch that after if you have time.

Now let’s start to begin to look in the scripture and see what the Bible has to say there’s more than I’m going to be presenting in this.

Video but I just wanted to focus in on some very important verses now in the book of Proverbs which is the book of wisdom by the way it says in the house of the wise our stores of choice food and oil so that means the hell of the wise those who are wise have savings they have saved up food and oil this is an Old.

Testament kind of representation of a person who has a savings account but a foolish man devours all he has so.

If you are a person living paycheck.

To paycheck according to the book of Proverbs The Book of Wisdom you are living not intelligently now I know.

That might be hard to handle because the majority of us in this world end up living paycheck to paycheck and we have not saved up but this is because we have not been taught wisdom when it comes to finances we are not good stewards of the resources that God gives us this isn’t to condemn anyone listening but this is to make you aware and it’s okay I find myself on the path of The Fool many times.

God will convict me and show me in the book of Proverbs that I need to realign myself with wisdom and it also says.

In the book of Proverbs that if you pray for wisdom that you will receive it some of you might have prayed for wisdom in your finances and God has sent this video as an answer to your prayer to give you the.

Wisdom that you can act upon to get things.

In order so that you are like someone who is in the house of the wise who has stores savings accounts you’re not going to be just devouring everything that you have.

Book of Proverbs a good man leaves an inheritance to his children’s children and the wealth of the sinner is laid up for the just this is something that is awesome a good man and this comes into play with the godly bros channel which is my youtube channel that i dedicated to make it into a man’s ministry hey man listen up look what it says a good man leaves an inheritance to his.

Children’s children so you need to create savings accounts so that you can pass on wealth so that you’re chilled and teach your children financial wisdom as.

Well and this is kind of cool and the wealth of the sinner is laid up for the just why is the wealth of the sinner it laid up for the just I believe that because God has given us wisdom he’s the creator of all things everything belongs to him if we start acting upon the wisdom that’s given to us in his word.

We will start accumulating the wealth that belongs to us notice the wealth.

Is laid up for the just not the sinners so they’re just basically keeping in their savings account but if.

You act upon biblical principles God will start blessing you and filling your financial life with prosperity in the book of Proverbs is again it says the rich rule over the poor n here’s the key part the borrower is the slave of the lender now.

So many people and I left a bank I was working at the bank before I.

Started doing YouTube full-time and that’s what I seen you don’t even understand the amount of people that are constantly constantly borrowing they’re borrowing from one credit card to pay off another and you know borrowing from Suze to pay off Tom and then they got to pay off Tom so or Suze so they got to go to Frank and you know it just keeps going this is not applying biblical wisdom in our finances in notice here it says that you are slaves to the lender.

These credit card companies that keep you bound it is a form of modern-day slavery and the Bible is very clear that you go into bondage to these companies when you become a slave to the lender so it is time that you do this financial makeover plan the Dave Ramsey will take you through so that you can cut up your plastic.

Create savings account instead of having a $5,000 credit card you should have a $5,000 savings account an emergency account for.


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