Hello joke and I won’t mix it in like a pad I’m a-gonna : this is your September mid month love reading this is Gemini Sun rising and also of you option and I have eNOS in your chart this could resonate okay guys so if you don’t know what energies are in your chart the link link to cafe astrology.

Is always in the description box Jim and I were going to jump into it for those of you that are not new to the channel you can see the change of scenery I’m on vacation okay and it’s sunny outside so let’s do.

This so Jim and I let’s see how you’re being loved and living throughout.

The rest of September first card out knight of Pentacles we then get the queen of rides at the base of the.

Reading we get the Emperor five of swords in the recent past four of cups crowning energy coming towards you eight of Pentacles pay yourself slightly get the queen of Pentacles the death card or what we would call close for this deck is in your.
Environment queen of swords and your Knights and.

Final outcome king of cups so bottom of the deck is the nine of Rods gym and I we didn’t get the.

Ace of cups underneath okay Jim and I I want to tell you before we go any further that I have never seen this many court cards in one spread ever so.

We’ve got the knight of Pentacles this is earth energy with the knight of Pentacles but it’s also very slow moving the queen of ROG is a fire which is all about action so it could have definitely been something.

Here that now starts to pick up you could have definitely been dealing with a partner possibly earth or fire earth being capital Hornet artists of Burgo and then fire being Leo Sagittarius or Aries we.

Do have Aries car here with the Emperor if there’s like a situation in which something that was moving really.

Really slow starts to heat up and become very passionate for some of you someone begets to take charge I feel like a lot of you are or some of you really are dealing with in Aries that we see here you get Aries.

Twice from two different decks the Emperor could be a father someone that’s very responsible very ambitious goal oriented strategic.

Plans and execute this person is also very open because not only does he take care of himself he’s taking care of those and his Empire as well we should take one or more for the center of your reading there’s this feeling of doubts or there’s some fear surrounding the situation it’s starting to move forward and things are.

Starting to become more passionate to heat up but you get this nine of swords energy and this could be the energy of you or your partner remember a general readings the energies can always be flip-flops but this is someone doubting and being fearful about what’s happening here it’s not that something has.

Been shown to you this is mental energy so Jim and I this is you my advice to you would to be to think about what you’re thinking about you get the five of swords this is bickering it’s negative communication this is in the recent past it’s a definite explain why the nine of Rods is the energy covering the reading you know someone being on guard having their walls up well.

If you were fighting with this person.


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