My dear Scorpios welcome to my channel this video is super exciting because we’re gonna try to you know have enough do a little bit something different today instead of looking at love we’re gonna look at your love I start instead of looking at love we’ll look at your money and career opportunities Venus retrograde now in Venus doesn’t only.

Not only rules love and relationship but also our money and finances so it’s.

Good time to also observe these things in.

Your life and for you Scorpios very like it’s a I’m just in a months from now in November Jupiter’s go inside of Sagittarius which for you second how so expect you know more earnings this year if you wanted to make more money there will be a lot of opportunities to do so if you want it in any way to.

Increase your creativity your self-worth what you’re creating through your own you know efforts will be plenty of opportunities so anyway let’s now look at this month specifically for your career and money okay card that’s jumping out three of Pentacles so you could be collaborating.

On a project of some sort something about teamwork here let’s see a little more we also have to adjust this and nine of swords someone is worried that you know that that something will not go in their favor we have here also four of swords the lovers and sand of cups.

So what I’m getting from all of this is that you are really maybe you are in some kind of competitive situation where you have competitors or even in your you know in your job environment if you’re in a job there.

Could be just some kind of office politics going on but and you are really worried about it but.
I think that everything will happen exactly how it needs to.

Happen things will be fair so as long as you affair yourself there’s nothing to worry about and also just you know in general I.

Think it’s look at this nine of swords and four so it’s try not to over exhaust yourself with the you know paranoid thinking any kind of worries try to just chillax.

Relax breathe in breathe out can do right now out in a now it’s so anyway rest there will be a lot of opportunities don’t over exhaust yourself and we also have shared the lovers and so it was a partner you were seeking let’s say you had business idea or just in general you needed help with something you’re working on you will find a.

Person exactly the kind of person you need to find for that and you will be very happy I feel like in general whatever team work you will be doing wherever you collect if you couldn’t be potentially working it will be.

Very very positive for you let’s see a little bit more let me take now this other cards okay you have this card that you have option is meaningful so.
You have options so maybe you’re working on mother on.

More than one projects maybe you’re working on more than one career and whatever it is you’re dealing with whether it’s choosing partners choosing jobs choosing projects to work on you have more than one option you have a lot available so you and I know sometimes.
Like worried when things are not going our.

Way it seems like everything is against us but really it’s just it’s just a test you know just shift your consciousness.


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