Hey good morning everyone it’s Mary Rick heads at wealth on purpose with a quick little marriage moment I am actually here at Kent City Kansas Community College getting ready to host two workshops for them on finance one on one building a financial foundation we just got everything set up here in the room no one’s in the classroom yet.

But this classroom is so big it is going to be so exciting.

Everything is set up we’ve got audio ready the program is ready we’re gonna walk them through some fabulous tips I want you to see their little book this is their booklet it is going to be absolutely awesome for them we’re hosting two workshops here one will be from 10 to new one from 1 to 3 to really help the students get settled in their finances so.

We’ve got a great great crowd that’s coming they’re expecting about 200 so about.

A hundred students per session I’m over and of course you know this is just one of the many presentation rooms we have here at the college this is part of the nursing part of the nursing program here so I’m just going to scan it so you can see how big this room is this is absolutely going to be Austin I can’t let you see the screen in the back.

And yep you can see that that’s got wealth on purpose written all over it this is going to be fabulous so if you’ve got a group of young people as well young adults adults period that we really want to hone in and make sure that they have the tools that they need to be successful give me a.

Call have a great one talk to you all soon.



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