Hello and welcome to in mind after hours a laid-back podcast bring my marketers bad digital 22 I’m Paul Content Manager with Andrew ahead of him bound daily the video guy behind the mic today we’re talking about tips for inbound 18 like to get the most from it how to use the knowledge once you there and I talked a.

Good time as well really and breaking the format that we’ve done for the past couple of weeks and this game yeah I’m not on the game so we thought and Ricky a mass.

Of are in a meeting so yeah it’s just myself and Andrew that’s all yeah yeah no I think we wanted to do this one because we’ve been going a.

Few years now and done alright but there’s always things that you you do wrong going which in hindsight I missed out on that this time so we’ve we’ve been I think I’ve been four times you’ve been horrible once was it first time okay but yeah we as a.

Group we’ve been a few long when we were yeah yeah so that’s the only and but yeah we just wanted to have a chat about what we’ve learned what.

We think good opportunities there what not to bother doing things like that and hopefully if anyone’s watching.

This it’s gonna go thinking about going even next year you can use this a bit of a.

Guide and hopefully yeah hopefully get some vibe from it we’ve got people coming with us as well this year who we’re taking a bigger team than we ever have.

And there’s some new area for people come in here for yes time so yeah normally we’d we’d look at what we’ve been up.

To chat about that but what we’ve been up to is getting ready for inbound so yeah pretty much two things at the start really got knocked talks which other I guess we’ll come to in a minute mmm so the others I’ve just thought of is there’s prep for we’re at the office.

For a week you know we’ve got to let clients know you know yeah the team in turn we know people say.

Yeah I mean we’ve made the silly mistake in the past of trying to do both trying to go to Boston for we can learn and enjoy yourself and then.

Keep up with the pace of working full-time and office and obviously the two don’t go together and we’ve been made the decision this year to not do that last year we tried it in me yeah we was it was a I mean we’ve.

Been growing that quickly you.

Know we thought yeah well can.

Crack on we can get back to people on email mainly internal keep the.

Team updated and we found it just wasn’t and productive for us we ended up.

Staying up all to all I was and we didn’t get the right start the actual confidence so we made we just worked up front got everything done everyone know where we’re gonna be no.

Issues so I find when we’ve been telling clients they get it you know it’s a conference that is for their benefit as well as I find out all the the cool stuff that’s happening with HubSpot I start.

Face anyway yeah yeah if I know all the new stuff partying inbound and it’s gonna give us more time to bring stuff back so yes that’s the prep of.

You know getting getting stuff in order before you go yeah so let’s start with choosing talks I remember you gave me some tips last year and Ricky did as well for the first time I went and a good tip I think was be careful choosing everything related to your job role mm-hmm if you’re an expert in say my backgrounds.

Content so I of the areas class that as my expertise yeah so if I got to need to be careful with the content talk tattoos because a lot of them will be.

Like entry-level aimed at someone who doesn’t do content oh yeah he’s getting into it it’s quite hard to know as well before you actually turn up to the talk when you look at the inbound agenda you’ve got like a stripe line very American well and then a little paragraph and you forget how much you know when you date today and there’s thousands of people somehow.

Just getting off some you know with inbound marketing some don’t got hopes button and even for like a day-to-day marketer who is doing content marketing you.

Probably got it does something I didn’t know a little bit but I knew 90% of it so we we did that I think the first time I went I went to marketing how to use all the spa Hadsell workflows and I’ve got some value from absolutely but then we’ve come back and thinking I should probably go to that SEO once I don’t do mmm last time one time only with that is though I go into an SEO or one and it’s.
Not one step ahead which is what I want there’s.

Some map technical journals like I even passed this back yes.

Yeah because I don’t want to say it’s all yeah that’s the gamble isn’t it I think we found this go to the things that you’d like to know more on maybe there isn’t like you have to do it inside out or.

It’s all about learning and growth and it’s about recognizing what you know enough of and it’s really hard to do the is that whole thing of what do you think you don’t know and there might be something else which.

I’m missing so I need to go then you get anything actually I do know it it’s just one of those I think we’re up against it traveling from the UK and.

It’s all quite loaded with them in Boston for a week and it everything.

Has to be perfect I think that’s something we.

Got to jump ahead a little bit on you got a picky.

Talks I say pick the stuff you don’t.

Really know and maybe a few of the stuff you know you know well enough be like to know more on and you get there some of.

Them are just awful it’s amazing and I think I’ve the lat you’ve gone to Montauk and it’s just not hit the nail any you did the awful one disheartened kinda member has been a few yeah a lot of them are very good and some just don’t work out I think I was but I’ve got him getting better and better well they didn’t let will speak so.

Who are that’s definitely been canceled yeah I mean I’m getting better at that but you got to think you’re gonna go and see 15 talks over the few days three or four of those aren’t going to be great and just you got a you’re gonna tail the gym really and we we never did it last year but.

I remember seeing people getting five minutes in realizing this talks not for me and.

Just getting up walking out that’s right Aster’s be yeah I just sit down and do my emails yeah I think that’s yeah I mean that goes on what we take with us and everyone say travel lights we’ve got big heavy mark which I’ll probably to Boston but I’m gonna see how I get on without taking it to the talks I took it last year and I just had the inclination to either check my emails which is actually a good idea but.

I’ll just tap in absolutely everything I’m gonna try.

At my time out of trying just go with a notebook and take the key points away I think in terms of note-taking which is what we’ve evolved over the few years we’ve been going is everyone used to do their own like Scottie notes and then you’ve helped by creating.

One big document with became a piece today set.

Out and that written became pretty big we’re now looking at it to come away with the three sort key takeaways and showing that with the group that are in Boston and then that becomes the presentation for people that come back and might be a little bit different if you’re the only one going and you might need feel the need to really have some really in-depth stuff but don’t forget a lot of.

The talks are recorded and a lot of the talks are live.

Streamed especially the keynotes and a lot of the talks give out the slide decks the slide shares some sort of drop box with the checklists and whatever they talk about excuse me at the end of the talk so don’t think you need to type everything every word they say you.

Could record it on your phone and I found just hit record take jigs alone I don’t they usually do share the.

Slides take phone and take pictures slide loads of people do that don’t worry about typing every single word because.

You’re not going to be listening you’re there to take notes you never say that’s a listen and.

Learn saying that I’ll probably taking some the don’ts but yeah just it’s how can all.

Your phone file and the past of taking odds are it’ll melt hmm but you’ve then got to do something with him whether it’s tap it or poor so I think it’s get around that this time that’s not that’s what you mentioned with the three key takeaways and putting that onto a slide.

Yeah so we can feedback so you might have three pages in.

The heart out of a talk absolutely a little notepad but the top three takeaways obviously your headlines when you’re big things people can actually understand that well did you come back with a notebook full you’re not going to do anything with that we found that last year we.

On this dock with about 100 pages in I think I don’t know you do I Walter look Scott yeah the top four salts got dealt with and.

The rest he’s just lost in that darkness yeah I think yeah you’ve got to think what’s useful to everybody else what’s actually useful to you and just summarize it and try.

And do well I want to do this at the end of the day so I’ll come fire the clock you ready for a beer got to spend half an hour typing it well getting me out you mind getting.

It down on the slide or a bit gee.

Doc whatever have a quick Cheney with somebody and just got.

I learned this today because they’re gonna remember that they tell you what they learned and then crack on with the beers but I wasn’t gonna try I think whilst it’s fresh in your mind because again getting to the end of the.

Week and trying to sum it up or think you don’t work so yeah that’s it yeah so back back to choosing the talks yeah bit and set some top-level tips so we’ve asked Emily who who’s coming along for the first time we said what was your thought what are you wondering before you got to.

Him back the first time and she said well what do you know more about the tracks that you can choose how were they what do they work if you ever used those when you’ve been in the past I haven’t and I kinda wanted to this year and I didn’t for whatever reason but they’re really good so a track is just hope spot curated list of talks for a specific role or sector so they do a lot.

For agency owners they’ll do a lot for sales people for marketers and there’s between Tim I’m sure there’s over 200 talks over a week there’s absolutely loads a lot of them up on the same thing and what I.

Do a great job of just picking the key ones if you’re short on time go for the tracks and go with what holds what I say they usually pretty.

Banged on and if you’ve got time to dissect in you know you know certain speakers that you want to see or from certain companies the interested in fair enough and that’s the way I’ve done it.

Does take a good few hours to get through that so yeah that’s attracting you short.

On time you want to just quickly got something that you know is relevant for salesperson for example I definitely go.

I think the if you have got a couple of you going we’ve we’ve met sure we all sat down dimly and looked at our short list of talks yeah and thought all right I’m thinking of this one this one well actually what we did was right session one day one you know what you walk glance and if you got I’ve got this I got this right well three of us a bit the same one so let’s to two’s goings all right because.

You know got different input on it what three is probably a bit for waiting so the first.

Year I went that I mean Rick you were like stat with each other in all talks a lot of good is that my money.

Like you said going from the UK they got flight but we I mean we I’ve got somewhere we overlap and that’s fine and but we just make sure there’s more than two of us there or more than in the same day you’re in the same one with everybody you know.

Split it up a little bit and you could both go to a separate one about the same thing because there’s.

Gonna be loads of talked on Facebook Facebook Ads they’ll be loads of inbound in in all its way so you can still learn the same ways but from different people you’re gonna get a better overview that way and then choosing those Walter told us about I.

Don’t know 10 ninja hacks on Facebook at something like that lots of actionable stuff but I think.

There’s a lot of good stuff there’s like conceptual oh yeah ideas and other things I think we’ve got the cynical British view of it for a couple years on we only want to have the actionable stuff I.

Want to come away with my tips and my worksheets or whatever but I think last year we went to a couple which were a.

Bit left to Center in a bit motivation although I was think you know I’m gonna feel about this my doing I’ve come all the way to Boston to listen to somebody like petting me up and give me a pat on the back to be a great marketer we missed John Cena didn’t last year.

When don’t get the flight from the airport yeah because there was a bit trouble at the airport but and we thought well we won’t really see more I bet it’s entertaining but we’re gonna get by everyone we said who so everyone sports who saw it was like actually yeah he’s got a good business brain stuff.

And he was more of a yeah and for me it’s like the Tommy year that you go immediately through the if not far off you know what community to win tonight it’s really helped me every year going and some of this motivation you come back and you in the year on a real boss and come back with like full of ideas you’ve been churning all year pretty not good.

Think I had to sort of step back a little bit from being and this sort of sense of all I’m going and getting my takeaways and that’s all I care about and going and relax a little bit I hit home going to the motivational stuff and the growth of those lows loads of stuff on personal growth and being a better team member and like personal development stuff mm-hmm and I’ve never we don’t have that culture in the UK really in the talk so the it’s not.

Like Americans are great at all that stuff and when I think it’s a good opportunity especially if you get from the a to determine it and see.

What it’s like and you get into it I saw what last.

Year by Annette I think it was an ex-navy seal or something and he was really the are good speakers these guys because they must be that’s what they do is they don’t care we.

Wouldn’t get able to speak at a marketing conference so they do make it relatable they do give you analogies that.

Do the Oviatt principles that apply so I remember a lot that stuck out because when partly because it was for self development as like a manager and also with.

The growth without it was about vector alignment and just the analogy used east coast American football teams this ex-navy seal sergeant or wherever.

He was about how everybody then algie’s was storm in a room like.

Not and they go in and break the door down and all that and everybody had one little job to do one little bit to look after and they do that rhubari and everybody looks at ten percent of a room and gets me ten percent boxed off but it’s ten people are doing that mmm you get through the hundred percent so much quicker yeah but it was also a really good speaker so it was a good.

Forty minutes as well entertaining and yeah a bit of a relief from the ten SEO tips and the 10 Facebook tips either side of it so yeah it refreshes you while you’re there not yeah but not just when you get back yeah what’s the point I think it is absolutely knackering you’ve got 8 a. every day the minimum late nights loads of events you’re.

This convention centre which.

Is huge you look 10 kilometers a day easy and it’s pretty tired so I think those or clarity brakes are really good yeah if it’s not something that you think and I have to arrive all these notes time and take it back and create a strategy of it but you can just go and listen in it just for you that can really give you that a nice break and say thing that general tips like physicality about I think I’ve just mentioned walking around so comfy shows.

Obviously our most thing kiss have changed the shoes I’m taking yeah I think it’s temperature-wise it’s in the mid thirties at the moment in Boston so but then when you get inside the conference centre it’s minus 2 so don’t know what you do with that thing I’m just gonna yeah what did you say about American air conditioning David loves it so there you go yeah yeah yeah I don’t.

Know why I didn’t look I just assumed I always think the north east of America that’s so that’s just straight across that’ll be the same when we’ve got it was freezing here yeah so I didn’t take a single pair of shorts I must have collect three t-shirts and long-sleeve shirts and the walk to the conference centre every every morning and every night I was just drifting wetback yeah.

Who’s oli say was all right when you actually called R at Convention Center he’s enormous yeah.

And there was a lot of it short off last year not being to a conference that big in this.

Country so I’m not seeing a conference center that big I mean if you’re going for the first time.

It’s like it’s bigger than the earlier yes bigger it’s like Wembley with wings coming.

On it’s a uni campus basically isn’t it so but so finding a way around that’s a little thing Caroline asked who’s coming for the first time right how’d you get around how do you know where you’re going they’ve met there and they’re with the app the app tells.

You what room is what winget is this this is I just I’ve arrived as helpers got beyond it and by the end of the week you know what you’re doing but yeah.

Do group them together as well it was very rare as the gun when I was about a corporal Witcher I mean that’s the thing where we’re saying pick stuff united into.

If you you know the will if you went it’s.

Like an agency tall and like a social media yeah probably got a bit other ends of the thing yeah so that is one of the benefits is.

Probably picking a track is that I think they will thought about and tried to position them within the same floor or whatever but yeah it’s.

Room change is another one the apps vital for room changes peers especially the Encore top someone’s been really popular me it’s too big for.

A room they’ll run it again and then so many people sign up for that because you can change your talks and then your maddening to change rooms every.

Now and then yeah yeah so that happy.

Is really good remembering what you’re gonna see next cuz you mind surprisal listening to something you could just quickly check your app and know what room you’re at and where it is make sure you pre books and obviously and then the other sin value or really and a lot of the events at night all there as well see it’s just good and I forget what day is.

Is is it’s good for that club in mind is that was called that central bit I think so or at least that’s what it becomes is it there’s a main area like a your traditional exhibitions and a bit and it’s got I’d.

Say 20 to 30 stuns with integration partners core schedule their wisteria August and buffer people you won’t have ever heard of.

A lot of the bigger US agencies I understand their hopes by a big area whether it be demonstrating all the new products they’re there obviously to bring on new customers but you can go and ask them.

Anything you want really good and not to be missed really to just wander around there’s a lot of freebies and also to speak to people with my integrations because you never know like.

They’ll obviously be on the sales pitch but it’s quite interesting you might think you’ve got stuff sort of bug stuff but they love offers and be able to get is that this 23 yeah yeah so our video hosting platform at the moment 23 we met them there and you meet someone face to face you’ll get stuff sorted quicker so have a good wonder.

Ricky Martin at Luke was that through possibly yeah it’s really good for networking there’s gonna be other people like yourselves marketers wandering around and it’s you know also quite humbly that they have the bar there they have like a happy hour or night or yeah couple of nights so there’s free drinks and stuff hanging around so they want people to.

Be so milling around that place think there’s if you’re going out there in house I remember being for some reason cuz we’re an agency I’ll just assume everyone uses hotspots an.

Agency booked the few talks have went anywhere the speaker asked the hands up whose agency if you and I both and supposed in-house marketers and.

The majority of people were in.

House so if you’re an in-house box that you can share me people who are in the same position but indirect competitors for example and learn from each other if you’re an agency you can mix me people the best thing I like minded or you can you know what were you doing you the best thing I found is just see next people in the air in the conversant that you’re in America they like talking hmm I found it it’s great oh you mean those random people I remember we did wander around with.

It yeah it’s got child’s view yeah you do just a chance people really good for that networking in the talks especially when it’s about something.

Pretty exciting you can just check the person next to you about where they’re from I mean you meet loads of people that way and and there a.

Lot of the talks will have a mic and towards the end or 10-15 minutes for questions and the Americans will get it up and ask you know what the Kenny British people yeah I’ve been there this island and then there’s some great questions get asked there’s some really.

Knowledgeable people in the crowd so you sort of pick things up from what they’re doing which is great yeah so let’s let me the.

Important stuff No so we’ve talked about what tools to choose hack to get the most from it but let’s talk about what matters food mmm inbound yeah obviously you get weather no one’s gonna hide it it’s good for you yeah good food trucks make sure you go I think you don’t get long but that’s a good selection I think last time there’s fish and chips was a bit weird it’s all off yeah yeah yeah I think they got big outdoor food court order trucks around you know God you get anything passed and you get.


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