If you are in the market for a pre-workout supplement or maybe an intro workout supplement that’s got multiple ingredients in it that are supposed to accomplish a certain goal something that I like to do is look up those ingredients individually on examined calm to see if first of all the dosage of that ingredient in that product is actually.

Going to accomplish what it says and B if that specific ingredient if the research on that ingredient has actually been shown.

To accomplish whatever the company is saying it’s going to accomplish so I’m going to show you what that looks like really quickly okay so I’ve got my window open here and I’ve got c4 open on Amazon really popular pre-workout supplement let’s click on the tab here take a look at the ingredients so the number one ingredient sorry my kid is playing.

With one of those toys in the background here number.

One ingredient here beta alanine 3,200 milligrams per two.

Scoops or 1600 milligrams per one scoop so let’s keep that in mind for a second and I’m gonna back out and I’m gonna open up the tab I already have open here I plugged a beta alanine into the search on examined comm okay so beta alanine is known to be something that people think promotes muscular endurance during.

Maybe will help you get a couple extra reps during your workout so let’s take a look at how to take okay so it’s saying standard daily dose 2 to 5 grams and if we remember that okay.

Buddy the beta alanine here was 16 milligrams per scoop or thirty two hundred milligrams per two scoops so we need to take two scoops of this or one and a half scoops to get a dosage of beta alanine that would actually have some of the effects that beta alanine has been shown to have so it’s actually really fun to do if you want to look up all the different ingredients and.

All the different supplements if your buddy tells.

New pre-workout that he’s taking you can say hey man send me the label and I’ll look it up and you’re gonna sound like a genius be Enola.

Tell your buddy whether or not he’s getting enough of all these ingredients or if these ingredients are actually doing what he thinks they’re doing have some fun with it alright enjoy that examine comte it.


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