It’s up guys so I was scanning the lot and I wanted to show you another car that you got to be really careful with because you can guess these cars really cheap but the thing is is that when they have a problem as a major problem and they just start falling apart and the cars get worse and worse.
And what I’m gonna show you.

Is a Volkswagen but older Volkswagens in general and BMWs Mercedes when they get to a certain age they start falling apart and once one thing falls apart everything starts falling apart go check out the scroll so you know you guys can get these cars.

Really cheap at the auction but what I want you to do is really make sure that if you’re gonna get something like this you check it thoroughly plugging your obd2 scanner make sure that the.

Check engine light hasn’t been reset you.

Can check the monitors if the monitors are incomplete that means the check engine light has been reset or it could also mean that the car had a dead battery and had to get jumped but generally when the monitors are incomplete or like three or four of them are incomplete that means the check engine light was recently reset and a lot of times you know.

People will go well the check engine length will take it to a mechanic the mechanics gonna tell them it’s gonna cost a fortune to fix so the mechanic resets the check engine light and they wholesale it or they less sell their car to Carmack’s really cheap and they’ll pass the problem on to a dealer but you know you can get these cars really cheap but she’s got to be really careful because a lot of.
Times with the check engine light with this car it’s.

Gonna be something major I bought one of these and there was an internal engine problem at the time I had no idea but anytime pretty much in general that I’ve had a check engine light on with these Volkswagens it’s been something major where cost me at least a thousand bucks not only with these thoughts but also you know those Volkswagen new beetles those are like the worst when those things start falling apart it just turns into a money pit one after the other so I would.

Highly recommend kind of just staying away from European cars in general when they reach a certain age once they get like 10 years old they’re awful.

Guys know the parts and the repairs are highly expensive compared to a Japanese car like this I was talking about yesterday you can get.

These cheap and they can be good but just please be very wary.

Of them make sure no matter what don’t buy them on a whim and make sure you check the codes or you check to see if there are any codes to check the monitors with your obd ii.

Scanner just to be on the safe side so guys what i’m basically doing is i’m just telling you give me any of these tips so you don’t have to run into the pitfalls that i’ve run into and this will save you a lot of time money and headache so that’s about it for this video like.

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