The store to e-filing print feature lets you send print jobs to be stored in e-filing boxes on the system the e-filing jobs can then be conveniently printed from the touch panel of the system at a later time you can select either the public box or one of 200 user refiling boxes to store print and scan jobs the e-filing.

Boxes can be password-protected if required for added document security from the basic tab select the print job.
Drop-down box select store to e-filing select the button.

With the three ellipses select the.

Store two drop-down box select public box to specify a folder for the job enter the folder name inbox folder if you want to print a job as well as save to the box check the print note if you are sending a print file to a password-protected efiling folder enter the password in the password box on the top right of the pop-up window select ok set additional.

Print options and select ok select print to send your efiling print job and store it in the public box.


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