Whoa I did not expect this what’s up travelers let me get this a little bit closer what’s up travelers I’m in Hong Kong I just had a layover from an Air India flight I’m not connecting to Thai Airways who I’ve flown quite a bit but this is my first time on their a330 so we’re gonna see what their.

Regional business class is like but also we’ll see I’ve been thinking about doing this I don’t know if I actually will but I kind of want to do a bomb on this flight where I just like.

Talk during the meal and chat with you guys we’ll see how that actually turns out but that could be what this.

Video is I don’t even know yet otherwise I might just be a random review another case if I don’t do a mobile suit let me know below if you’d like one all righty here is our seat entire ways HP 30 business class and look how adorable that you get – orchids on board well so the cabin is.

Quite dense as you can see here seriously I can’t get over how cute this is they’re real real real.

Orchids woods we also have menus waiting at our seat now I’m feeling like the contrast between Thai and Air India is so big we have a pillow and a nice blanket waiting at our patrols let’s see I think this is the tray table yes I am correct world that is a vegetable and down to our side we have the headphones which are huge and looked very nice along with a power cord and.

Don’t like the person next to us we just pull this out and see by now luckily I do love the person here we can.

Also put a water bottle Wow well Thai Airways serves a pre-departure beverage of choice and business hot towels before takeoff and oh my gosh hold on whoa I did not expect this it’s so funny cuz I was telling Oscar like you know it’s probably gonna be a bit.

Worse than Air India definitely worse than deceit and area sham premium flatbed and now I’m like okay just kidding this feels so much more luxurious for some reason and.

The presentation I mean talk about different the flight attendants do personal greetings on topics who had any ideas so you have a dedicated flight attendant taking care of you.

Bringing you a pre-departure beverage of your choice and a hotel before takeoff this is another world from air in Vietnam like oh yeah this is business so Thai Airways.

Has menus which means we got to check them out so let’s see here what they have on the two-hour flight.
To Bangkok fifteen minutes after takeoff we’re getting some peppermint.

Tea that I ordered so Jenna roasted almonds maybe get a sling and as your touch will be serving these glassful by returning to to Vicki I’m super excited for the meal actually so here are meals and weirdly even though I ordered one Western and one Oriental vegetarian they are exactly the same it actually looks very similar that’s what we’re served on the last day on there’s loads of fruit which is made Hong Kong really never I don’t forget actually ask you first just you think.
Catering out of Hong Kong but.

Overall Hong Kong really doesn’t have the best catering all right look father time I don’t really have that much food but.

I’m going with what Thai has to offer brought up into you this is weird like I guess it’s an oriental vegetarian meal really wish did vegetarian meals but they only do it other international.

It flight to Bangkok at through a domestic feed and those are the fights I have now so so that really felt the Yahoo saying before it like the catering out of Hong Kong is just all free I.

Guess I guess it’s because Hong Kong is so vegetarians envy but maybe.

If you guys are not vegetarian let me know how your experience has been with catering from Hong Kong I’d be really curious to hear yeah maybe it’s just not for us on the road Thailand is like a dream for vegetarians Oh that’s one many roots I’m so excited about my weekend they’re.

Like because there’s gonna be here such a nice braid Korea like as if crazy soul is so big I don’t know the people are almost like Swedes in a way very I don’t know just not so much nice the strangers which is the same.

Foreigner then it’s just like not the most fun please and he said to me so but like the travelers curse in the sense I’m always comparing it to.

Other places I’m sure I’d love it more if I don’t think that I’d be very impressed by like the whole super-modern Asia’s yeah it’s not like favor please have been unfortunately Oscar’s only been in Thailand once so and I’ve been there like yes.

Five times now almost like not for so long most of the times just like here are their apart from the first time but I just like there’s so many things that make Thailand so amazing like the food like the spas like the people are so that’s going to be exciting and tomorrow with all bridging classes from Bangkok.

So we’re like studying they also have something an assignment due on Friday since Wednesday today so we have.

Isn’t afraid or anything but that’s like yeah you know we have to go stop time ed were seeing a friend in Berlin in Shanghai you probably know her from my Instagram stories and do you want to be in the video Oster does it like wants to be at my videos but he.

Doesn’t like it to be any of my videos okay anyway it’s not it’s not that we have some weird relationships like this just for some reason he thought it’s in my videos so much but you know he exists the pennies in this video long all righty before we go we can’t.

Forget to check out the bed which is angled I’d say it’s actually about the same as one area but the drop down here is really dramatic I’m not sure if my seat is broken but not the most comfortable I have to say luckily tires reconfiguring these planes that’ll be nicer well welcome to my amazing hotel in Bangkok seriously this is one of the reasons I love.

Thailand so much this place is like 60 euros per night so I’ve changed into pyjamas let me just conclude what I thought about Thai Airways is a330 I like the soft product I think they have a great concept especially with the personal crew member the pre-departure beverage of choice all that stuff is nice the catering was so-so.

But I kind of blame that on a Hong Kong as I mentioned in the video and ultimately I would avoid.

Their eight three thirty in favour of a more modern aircraft like very 50 or triple7 so it’s a.


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