They’re new you’ll get all my uploads for that for that channel what you want to do is check the video descriptions you’ll see my links down below the videos the description that’s where I put my links this is this is the link I’m promoting in this video you want to click on those links in the description video description.

Or there may be a green or yellow button underneath the video and you click on that it opens up in a new tab this is my horse-racing video talking about postcards.

And flyers if you click on the green get started button it goes to my free free lead system capture page this is a totally free marketing system that people can sign up for you just put your name first name or last name and then you put.

Then you click yes I want it and you get the free marketing system to get totally free leads from the internet you click if you click click here to continue it will take you to the next video and this is one of my proof videos showing you proof.

Of me opening opening envelopes they have congradulations stickers on the envelopes and I’m opening up cash and showing you that this program works and that I’m getting paid and we are getting paid my team members are starting to duplicate what I’m doing and they’re making proof videos and then again this is a video for the free lead system then never click this button to sign up it goes back to the free lead capture page if they click continue they will go to the next the next video.

There’s another proof video showing my payments that I.

Get in the paperwork that comes.

In the anvil opes here’s another video that shows a PDF document that I made and explains about the fire and closed care programs we have several postcards that we use and we mail on we mail different we have household color and black and white Flyers here’s another flyer.

That I made for phase 5 this is a fast-track flyer where people pay ninety two dollars and forty four forever stamps so they can just pay through.

PayPal at one hundred and fourteen dollars they get 180 buy your leads and they will have five income streams and then they just fill up this form on the flyer and mail it in or they can click on the Pay Pal button on my website this talks about the money this video.

Talks about the money phone talks about the money funnel postcard and flyer program this talks about the 7.

Cost seven dollars one time no monthly payments and you get the Marketing System and many will be able to have pages video pages and capture pages like this and there’s no monthly payments for it for it just talks more about the Marketing System testimonial and proof and.

Then they would click the green button here’s another teaching video and then there’s.

A capture page right here also this talks more about the marketing system and the products and everything you view if they click gets get started you can see the sales page they can see the sales page for the marketing system it’s called lead lightning the lead lightning there’s no monthly fees these are testimonials no monthly fees you build a buyer’s list of buyers it’s easy to use you boost sales and enrollments to.


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