January voices it when you get this every bar how would you like that telling you right but barring their all the bars they call every drink a Nelson cocktail a Rockefeller cocktail everything was saying except it’s 15% more oh and all you walk along the streets and out the front yeah so come in and buy a Nelson Rockefeller.

Cocktail everything close fifteen percent what you get in every bar how would you like that limpet yeah and everybody’s like you don’t take enough Allen did you see the story.

About hello good cue people and welcome back to our community this is in sky network with your updates for today October 6 2018 and hopefully you’ve heard my previous video from October 5th some bombshell news about red October with the submarine but we’re moving on starting with our first post for today October 6:12 23:52 dropped at 2:08 p.

Eastern Time and it shows a graphic at this is.

Prior to the final confirmation vote for Brett Kavanaugh and I’m sure by now you’ve all heard the news that he has been confirmed but this was a comment from cue welcome.

To the Democrat Party the party of threats violence intimidation name-calling racism fascism division hashtag walk away hashtag vote Republican moving on to the next.

Post 23:52 dropped at 1428 eastern time October 6 with a Twitter status from breaking 9/11 and it says message from cue political hit by DS regained power by any means necessary new narrative coming and here is the Twitter post and what it basically says new as of October 6 12:17 p.
Christine blase Ford has no further plans to.

Pursue her sexual misconduct allegations against Brett Kavanaugh according to her attorneys and ABC well what a surprise new narrative coming next post 23:54.

Dropped at 1508 Eastern Time on on October.

6 with a repose from an anon the day at 1501 stating congratulations and ons Americans and Patriots around the world big thanks to cue let’s win those midterms – which cue responds god bless Patriot celebrate this means so much closer.

A win nonetheless red state DS who voted no are in.

Trouble cue next post 23:55 dropped at 1519 eastern time.

Re posting from September 27th when.

Q predicted welcome aboard Justice K you know Q’s always ahead of the times right okay that proves it and the.

Message for today a great day for the rule of law congratulations justice kay there’s much work to be done today the Republic took back control Q + and that is important Plus pay attention to that plus the double repeating number in the in the post 2355 means this is an important message and moving on post 2356 on October 6 1559 Eastern Time celebrate patriots and this is actually link to the video q had drawn our attention to the other day from.

Ronald Reagan and Ronald Reagan’s quote let us affirm America’s destiny of goodness and.

Goodwill and here is I’m gonna play a snippet of the video because it had a copyright violation last time so I’m gonna advance.

It to the end and we’ll hear the closing remarks and you’ll.

Get an idea ladies and gentlemen our armed forces on behalf of a grateful commander-in-chief yes and his message was peace through strength and I love the quote of the quotes in the video was peace is our profession and that was posted on a military base that he visited so great message there next post 23:57 is our next.

Post which was dropped at 1736 p. Eastern Time again a repost from September 28th where Q was calling out DS playbook for the midterm elections basically he said play DS PlayBook we will impeach Justice K 0 corroborating evidence all factual witness is provided by accusers all denied the allegations should we take control in November liberal left lunacy kill box bait bold these people are evil sick and stupid you’re watching witnessing the.

Systemic destruction of the old guard and then here’s the course of action old guard triple arrows power to the people Red.

October Q we keep getting that Red.

October right means pay attention and Hugh doesn’t repost things without meaning and intent so pay attention to that and listen to this in a message for today October 6 Q says the following expect this this is what we’re expecting from the DS playbook we will impeach justice Kay console to the voters by the.

Lying these bold brackets heard the sheep 2/3 Senate vote required to impeach SJ CAS CJ what are the odds.

Of that q next post 23:58 on october 6 this is a shocking video quite frankly uh c-span org wrap-up smear deployed versus justice.

Kay question mark the more you know Bowl kill box archive queue listen to this this is crazy there we go and then you it we call it.

Tell apologist aunt the wrap-up smear you smear somebody with falsehoods and all the rest and then you merchandising and then you write it and they’ll say see it’s reported in the press that this this this and this so they have that validation that the Press reported the smear and then it’s called the wrap-up smear now I’m gonna merchandise the presses report on the smear that we made and it’s a tactic and Wow Wow yeah that’s just insane and how nonchalant.

Like oh yeah yeah that’s a tactic like it’s part of a business plan for crying out loud that’s insane wake up America this is not how we want our country run smearing and defaming people for the sake of winning the election at the sake of destroying a person’s family and life and you know their children for ever to win one lousy election that’s crazy okay moving on October 6 2018 post 23:59 repost Jews probably just as angry and upset about this as well Search and Destroy in bold.

Brackets this same video with a wrap-up smear.

And he’s saying wrap up smear deployed vs. POTUS well yeah what’s the FISA D class about same exact smear fake news you you you leaked fake news to the media they.

Publish it and their hunger to get a story and get ratings and then you use the fake smear that was published in the media as proof that that’s something that’s supposedly going on all alleged I never realize the extent of fake news I mean.

I’ve heard that so many times it just became a catch but this goes beyond fake news wrap of smear clearly defines what POTUS has been talking about all along about fake news fake news he should say wrap up smear these people are sick hashtag walk away hashtag vote Republican queue and you know I’m just shocked and appalled.

I don’t even know what else to say beyond that let’s go to the next post 2360 although shocked and appalled is not even beginning to.

Describe the emotion that I see when I look at this picture.

Oh my god is disgusting it says regarding Robert Byrd KKK member from my first day in the Senate.

I sought out his guidance and he was always generous with his time and wisdom and as Secretary of State I continue to rely on his advice and counsel Hillary Clinton 2008 oh my god that picture is it’s just if a picture tells a thousand words I don’t even need to say.

Anything more about that picture you’re probably reacting the same way that I am and I don’t know the beginning letters of this image caption is bad that is just bad oh well anyway Q once it’s get a quick history lesson so let me move on I just need to get past.

This image uh horrifying 13th amendment abolished slavery 100% Republican support 23% Democratic support who knew right 14th amendment gave citizenship to freed slaves 94% Republican support 0% Democratic support who knew right 16th amendment right to vote for all 100% Republican support 0% Democratic support who knew right I mean Wow and then listen to the message from cue today October 6 unplugged from fake news bold brackets.

False reality right agreed propaganda arm of D Party think for yourself.

Yourself trust yourself find the truth don’t be a pawn in their sick game Q this is the last message of today and it’s that image is titled hashtag wake up okay everything has meaning with cue hashtag wake up and I really feel.

Like this whole confirmation process has caused a lot of us.

To wake up and really understanding the political games that are going on behind the scenes I mean thanks to cue honestly I wasn’t this aware until they started following his messages in understanding what some of.

These clues are talking about and if you had noticed in my.

Opening segment I I posted a very special image of JFK and his brother that is a family treasure and you won’t find it on the internet that is a unique one-of-a-kind image and I’m very proud of it and I did a little deep diving into what cue has been saying about some of the things that are going on in regards to JFK.

Recently had some disclosures with the documents that were released.

This year but one of the things I wanted to draw your attention to the documents regarding the JFK assassination that is which we’re very grateful but I wanted to draw your attention to this post from one of the nods that just very recently on September 22nd about the Trump and.

Clinton were never friends law obviously and then the image that shows Trump with JFK jr. okay look at that well yeah they were never friends these two look at this like no but.

Buddies I could believe that JFK jr. was at mar-a-lago with Trump at 99 preparing for his Senate run JFK jr. had a place nearby in Palm Beach they’d hang out in New York go to basketball games Trump knows what happened and.


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