If you don’t have a break-in within a four year for our driving period increased you edit increased your risk I think in this instance almost it was 2.4 times so if you hadn’t taken a break within the four hour period it increased your risk you know to fold or more so that is a really important message around you.

Know this the scheduling that drivers are operating with it it is important to ensure that there is sufficient breaks and and clearly in the absence of that within a four hour period will increase crash risk crash.

Time midnight to 6am that is a significant issue 3.

4 times crash risk is the crash risk is increased for that we we know that.

In this study about those drivers who had crashed about twenty percent of.

Them had done more than half of their trip at night and then between.

Midnight and 6am now that’s an incredibly I mean I can see there’s a whole bunch of reasons why schedules may be operating for drivers to work through the night but it’s important to understand also that physiologically that’s our incredibly challenging time for drivers they’re.

Going to be battling this acadian room they’re coming off based on this studies from this study they’ve got poor quality sleep either through having a pathology like.

Sleep apnea so there’s a cumulative effect with sleep apnea around the quality of sleep you’re getting and you’re bringing that depth that deprived or cumulative sleep deprivation into a task.

And then placing it that much that task at a period of the day when physiologically we don’t operate well so we know that.

At least say three hours at night that can have a performance detriment of about equivalent to driving with the point oh eight blood alcohol level so so that’s a significant challenge I think for operators to know that operating your schedules through that period of the night is a challenge for the driver and and it will increase crash risk now we’re talking about crash risk when.

I talk about crestridge risk i’m talking about a probability so it’s not saying your driver will go out there tonight and draw over that time and we’ll crash but it will increase the probability of them crashing over time so so that is a you know I think.

A really important point they knew that we’ve identified in this study and probably this.

Is some of the most objective that are you going to get in these sorts of areas around crash risk you.


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