Bear with me just getting up I’m gonna be ready for work I just wanted make this quick video though and something like them I think might feel the early write-ups articles are approved exploring minds calm they’ll be boring those people who are already interested in zero-point energy theory zero-point energy Universal zero-point energy field will find them interesting and.

Go from use it to go perhaps for any understanding how old is this even possible you know how could you have over unity because if you got over unity you’re breaking the laws of thermodynamics actually you’re.

Not because the extra energy is coming from field that can be tapped.

Its energy within what we’ve equated arrow nicely to empty space it’s not empty it’s an energy diamond it’s very hard to wrap people’s brains reins a little bit with your very traditional and for process it is possible to understand.

And easy to understand but Convention the way we conventionally think about where all gets in the way of that but if I go saying there’s going to be many more articles in with many different subject matter it’s not just about the opening over-unity energy technologies definitely not.

Very important in has multiple implications into many other subjects that well similarly on their own be unrelated but you know everything is related everything can be related to that everything you know everybody come into the way that everything is infinitely connected with everything else this is the problem with quantum physics they compartmentalize his things and try to analyze them so if it’s separate from everything else and he alter this so again and they start to wonder why is this over here changing.

By the author interstates it tries to predict then did the linear states but it’s not any way with the universe works hey reality works but biology is another thing that we could even write an article then hey biology goes through the structure.

The vacuum that creates the infinite energy field.

And the arrangement the cells can be overlaid.

Onto the geometry of the vacuum and the circular cells in the first divisions of a biological thing can be shown to be perfectly arranged with with that geometry up to each certain points at the very center of those cells that’s a bit nebulous an explanation you need pictures to explain that properly why I just said there don’t worry about.

It but again the point is it’s just everything everything can be fed through that and it’s not trying it’s not deliberately trying to feed information through just not one perspective certainly I’m very much not.

About that what’s annoying for me is two little viewpoints you know science is only applying ones perspective on them physics is which is why the Casimir in fact if you’d look at look at these terms to margies not insane cuz me in fact.
Was trying to find out if there was residual.

Energy right in living empty space and they found an infinite number confirmation bias kicked in and they cut the number with an equation and they became finite mathematically he makes sense because you want to kick the ball number a mathematician wants to came to mom that they’re right but in terms outside of the.


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