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Company we discovered it a couple of.

Months ago they trade on the TSX Venture up there in Canada under the ticker symbol a my they’ll.

Also trade on the OTC market and here in the state’s ticker symbol AEM YZF we’re talking to whether than American manganese and with us today is the CEO and president of that company Larry Ray Larry welcome to the show talk about our program you.

Guys are a diversified specialty critical metal company and you focus on different patent intellectual properties but bring us up to speed what your company is.

All about what you guys are doing okay major focus right now is on recycling lithium-ion batteries especially in an EEV car industry and everybody’s been working at that a lot of people including.

Tesla and the Chinese and everybody else but nobody has made that breakthrough that we have that is a breakthrough we can actually hydrometallurgical e get out 100% and that’s under optimum conditions of course 100% of the cathode materials in a mine batteries for example cobalt lithium.

Nickel manganese and aluminum and that that process was.

Developed from another process we had for treating very low grade deposits of manganese in Arizona and it took two and.
A half three years to break that puzzle something at the u.

Burrell mines had spent decades trying to do.

And millions of dollars were never able to bring an economic process forward but we did we brought in a process that competes with China which is saying something on the price of the cost of the process itself and we actually did a total fees of pre-feasibility study on that we had the process vetted by tetra Tech one of the biggest engineering firms in the mining in mining in the world and they they completed a pre AB the pre-feasibility study whereby the price was the price of.

The metal was dropping as fast as the guy tetra Tech could go to to produce the preethi’s all said and done by the time the pre fees was ready the price had dropped significantly 50 or 60 percent and it was too long a payback.

To even consider going into production so that project went on the shelf and what developed out of that was and Kinetico we’re looking at chemistry’s for cobalt they realized that hey this this should work for the ami protest for manganese should work with sort of you know some.

Changes and we should do a proof of concept so in 2016 we did a proof-of-concept we got great results and since then we refined it we’ve done thousands of tests and now we’re.

Building a pilot plant and we’re looking at filing a couple more patents for IPS so you know.
It’s been a great experience let’s talk about that pilot.

Plant for a second I heard that you guys are processing about three tonnes a day were we at in the.

Process of like that and and when do you think that some of that might fall on the balance sheet well that’d be a couple of years old before that goes on the balance sheet but the pilot plant itself is.

Not three tons a day it’s only going to be about a kilogram and our material and what the pilot plant does is it duplicates a larger scale plant and what you try to do is you try to you know find any any bugs make.

Do it on a continuous basis and it’s a tedious expensive process but it has to be done because you don’t want to build a plant and find out you’ve got all kinds.

Of bottlenecks in it and people don’t like that and it’s hard to finance something like.

That so the pilot plant is first and then we’re looking at a three ten today commercial demonstration plant which will produce somewhere between 20 and 50 million dollars worth of product depending on the chemistry’s but you know I’m looking at saying why don’t we just say 25 to.

30 million dollars of product a year and that’s.

Plant so if you just do the math on that and say what would a 30-ton add a pod do well it would do 10 times that so it’d be a two hundred and fifty million dollars a year and that’s not a very large plant and when is that going to come to fruition we expect that it’ll be at least two years before.

That is okay I I was looking at some of your things there your press releases and yesterday you guys put out a very unique press release saying that you guys receive Canadian a patent for extraction process can you explain that a little bit well we already had existing patterns that we filed for in 2011 and that’s when.

We filed for the Canadian patent – so that is on the.

On the processing and the unique process and hydrometallurgical process that we use for getting the low-grade materials through a system that at the end of the day is a consider you know comparable cost of China and so we already have a patent in US China and South Africa.

Now we’ve got it in Canada so we’ve got four patents on that project we do have a patent pending on the process that we’re doing for recycling that process has been published a few a couple of.

Weeks ago and so that’s moving through the chute very nicely it’s a matter of fact it’s moving faster than the original process for manganese went so I’m very optimistic that that we should have that.

Within well hopefully within a year the patent.

The full patent then will apply for patents in other jurisdictions but right now and we’re working on with the pilot plant we’re also working on two additional life peas which I hope would be filed in.

The next few weeks my guest today is Larry Ray he is the president and CEO of American Macanese Inc they trade on the TSX Venture up there in Canada under the ticker symbol am why they also trade down here in the states on the OTC markets under the ticker symbol a my z/f what countries.

Are interested in your technologies well that’s a that’s very interesting we’re getting the major amount of interest out of Asia we’re talking to.

Some pretty significant companies out there that are interested in our process and doing due diligence on it and you know we even had the remarks come back to us that you know they’d looked all over China for a recycling solution and ours was the most sophisticated so you know that’s.

That’s a big feather in her cap but China Japan South Korea and something you have other smaller countries like or didn’t say smaller but like.

Indonesia so you know we’ve got you have that interest certainly the.

First three countries I mentioned that the greatest interest we do are now starting to get interest out.

Of Europe and the US on our patents and but you know the patent is really what it does it cleans up a problem that the eb cars app they want to be socially conscious they want to have a cradle to grave solution for their electric cars they want to show that they’re responsible and then concerned about the environment but if they can’t do if they have to.

Burn the batteries at the end of the day and that’s what everybody does you only get the percentage of the COBOL back and the rest of it goes into slag and that’s certainly not a solution so ours is a full.

Solution and they’re beginning to recognize that China has already passed legislation were the responsibility for recycling batteries is on the actually on the eb cars themselves and you know so we have that answer and you know the other answer to that is while we could bring a lot of cobalt onto the market you know there’s a lot of cobalt especially in the earlier batteries and.

Made today and all that cobalt you know could be brought back in this battery material because we can we get a very high purity powder out of that so that’s the that’s where the thrust of that is my guest.

Today has been Larry Ray he is the CEO and president of American magnate knees Larry in closing is there anything that we didn’t get a chance a touch upon that you would like to illustrate to my listeners well I would just like to tell them that the this.

Is a solution for looking after the batteries of themselves and for bringing other materials that you don’t have to mine back onto the market and.

That is a tremendous solution we’re probably the only ones out there talking about it on a regular basis on recycling and there are other companies out there that are looking or working at recycling solutions but you know for all intents and purposes of my feedback we are the most advanced and we think that you know the world.

Hood be socially conscious of what happens to the batteries at the end of the day and if you don’t have to depend on mining maybe within a few years you could have 30% of your mind material coming back through your batteries so that’s a big plus this is all it’s a win-win-win.

For everybody your stock price is at sixteen point four cents seems to be very under undervalued if I was listening to this interview why should I go.

Out and buy your stock well if you follow the EB Carr story is it’s going a long rate now you’ll see that they’re talking about a hundred and twenty five million cars in 2030 that’s a tremendous evie cars that’s a tremendous amount of cars that’s a lot of batteries that take care of this you can see that this thing.

Has a potential of being a huge business and we’re looking at you know trying to find a joint venture partner and we’re looking at licensing at the.

You know maybe lisen your technology in other countries yeah in other countries and jurisdictions specifically to battery manufacturers you know the place is a plat build that we would there be a charger you know a few million dollars up front and royalties on that that would be one of our business plans probably the biggest one we’re looking at we’re built looking at building you know a plant.

There’s all kinds of battery manufacturers that you know they’re not big enough to have their own plant to handle.

All Latin sizes you know left up to your imagination because 121 million cars being produced in 125 and 2030 means that in 2000 and towards the end of the 2030 and into 2040.

There’s 125 million batteries that are spent it’s huge absolutely I want to thank you for coming on the show you’ve been listening to Larry Ray he’s the CEO of American magnate knees Larry thank you very much for coming on the show it’s a pleasure to have.

You on here hopefully you’ll come back in 40 or 50 days give us an update what’s going on with your company well I’d appreciate doing that and thank you very much this program.

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