Hello everyone and welcome to my channel in this video I am going to talk about the first technologies that can be researched what are their benefits and what technology should be researched first so let’s continue our game this is the game as we left it in the previous guide to access the technologies you need to construct and place.

The lab this is where the research will take place to research technologies the science lab needs to use science pecs the early technologies will only require science.

Pack 1 I will construct a number of these to get going while the same specs are being produced I will talk about placing the labs at this very early stage of the game it does.

Not really matter much where we place the lab however everyone to expand and produce more writers quicker we need to have a strategy ideally we need to place the labs a bit further away from the place where we are processing and harvesting resources at this stage I am going to construct these labs near.

The power station not that the.

Same specs are produced and want to place them inside the labs the research screen.

Is accessed by pressing the key T on the keyboard the yellow technologies are the ones available to be searched regardless.

Whether you have enough science pecs.

Or not while the red ones require certain prerequisites before being Knable for research the first selected technology is automation with.

This technology we will be able to construct basic factories to produce items automatically this technology is very important to improve the automation within our game the second technology optics will.
Allow us to construct light bulbs with LED.

Bulbs we will be able to illuminate.

Parts of the map during the night the targets technology will allow us to build defensive targets and help against monsters stone voice will allow us to build stone was military is the first technology that is required later on in the game logistics will give more flexibility when it comes to insert eyes and beds this is very useful to help designing a more productive base steel processing is very important later one at this stage we can construct almost nothing with steel landfill is used to fill in water and create.

Additional land over water the tool belt technology will provide additional slots where we can place items for quick access in my opinion automation is the most important technology to be researched first because this will allow us to construct factories which can be configured to produce items automatically and thus will reduce the need to produce items manually with this technology we can construct assembly machines that.
Can produce items automatically now I.

Can produce anything in an automated manner including design specs to do this.

We need to extend our factory further to neumann theaters are required to extract smelted iron and copper from the furnaces and that there’s no new belts like a.

Quark to transport materials for the assembly machines now that we have the resources on the belt we can construct assembly machines that can take the resources and assemble or produce the desired items to produce design specs we need I mean girls and copper so first we need to create the angers to take the resources we need and insert a likewise.

To take the resources from the assembly machine we need in sectors as well once you click on the assembly machine and when you will open and we can select the desired product as long as there is applicable material on the belt the insert that will automatically pick it up for the assembly machine I enjoy being produced but there is nothing.

To take down from the assembly machine so eventually the machine will stop now I can produce another assembly machine and this time we will create science.

Packs directly so we have the assembly machine for design specs that requires iron gears and copper so we need to insert this now one from the assembly machine which is producing the Iyengar’s and then I want to pick up copper from.

The belt sian specs are being produced not that they are being produced we need to transport them to our science lab so we need another in theater to output design specs from the assembly machine and more belts to transport design specs from the inserter to the science lab.

In order for the science lab to use design specs we also need inserters to.

Pick design specs from the belt and put them inside the.

Science lab at the moment science pecks will not be picked up because the science lab already have five science packs each so there won’t be the need for.

Additional science pecs what we need to do is to research new technologies and as long as same specs are required the labs will automatically.

Pick them up on the belt the next technology which will help us improve our automation is logistics it will give us access to undergone belt first ten centers and splitters these items are.

Very important to help us configure new ways how to transport the materials and improve the automation technology will take some time to be researched the more science labs you have the faster the research is done note that they all use electricity so you need to be careful on the consumption at the moment we are using around half of the capacity so we can construct more labs as you.

Can see the inserters are filled in the science lab with the research packs this is the way to automate productivity in factorio of course further expansions are needed to produce more science packs and research and design technologies one.

Think ahead every step thank you for watching have you enjoyed this video please subscribe and stay tuned for more guides.


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