Okay my name is Victoria this is my story I wanted to do this video because I wanted to tell everybody about thrive and what it’s done for me but I’ve written it down so I can read it because I didn’t want to miss anything out because people need to hear everything so I hope it helps I have 41.

And have experienced a meta phobia from the age of three living in fear every day terrified when I was at school that somebody in the class would be sick panicking when somebody cuffed shuffled or.

Moved in an unusual way terrified of school trips and assemble is just in case scared to eat away from home and scared to eat at.

Home as I grew up the fear continued to be perfectly honest I didn’t realize that there was anything wrong with me I thought everybody was like this but it slowly dawned on me that I was different and that other people actually enjoyed their life but I.

Was trapped by then and couldn’t see a way out of the cage I had created for myself holidays were a source of anxiety rather than enjoyment not being able to relax fearing everything as it was different I wasn’t in my safe situation well as safe as i could be in my safe situation my safe situation was just less.

Producing and more predictable but didn’t feel completely safe i was.

Still scared pubs and clubs where my friends wanted to be drinking were pure terror emetophobia restricted my social life my education my relationship it eliminated any enjoyment in my life as I.

Lived in constant fear experiencing daily multiple panic attacks I was exhausted as I was unalloyed all the time waiting for something to happen waiting to run and escape after a breakdown in my late 30s and becoming agri phobic on a day of desperation I googled effective treatment for emetophobia I felt that this was a futile out as I had received cbt which made me worse and emdr over previous years with a little improvement but the improvement was mainly down to me facing my fears and making them more.

Normal I still lived in terror the google search came up we thrive it looked good but I believed it was just another one of those things that I would try it I’d try and get excited about but then realized that it wouldn’t work the idea that I would be free of emetophobia in six weeks was just ridiculous I knew it wouldn’t work but I was so desperate and I.

Didn’t know where else to turn that I gave it a go I battled against the book finding them picking on any reason why rob was wrong and why it wasn’t going to work but the book made sense thrive.
Made sense I couldn’t ignore.

That so as suspended belief and followed the exercises I committed to doing them well as well as I possibly could and was amazed that they worked I started to improve in two weeks I was no longer agri phobic in four weeks in meta Fabio had significantly improved because I knew that I could handle anything that happened I was seeing a glimpse of happiness and starting to see light at the end of.
The tunnel a new world started to open up before.

Me now I see myself as an exe meta phobic yes i still have challenges but I win I can cope and it never see I never cease to be amazed when I don’t react to old triggers and if you are going to ask yes i still have to work at thrive but why wouldn’t I it’s given me my life back I have now to return to work as an artist and in training to be a thrive consultants because I just think it is so wonderful thrive works even if you think.

It won’t I’ve written a piece which i’d like to read to you about what i can now do because of thrive it’s called because of thrive because of thrive I no longer fear being sick every moment of my life because of thrive I.

Can eat that food that has been sitting in the fridge was once dodgy in my mind but acceptable to others because of thrive I can now look after my son if he is ill without worry I can take my son for vaccines are the doctors sitting in.

The waiting room not worrying about the germs in the air or on the floor or on the seats or on the door I can brush it off when someone coughs or opens a sweet wrapper or spilled some water I no longer react I can get on a train and travel with other people without worrying about breathing the air and touching things that might.

Be contaminated or people that might do odd things I can and have been to a performance where for the duration of the yen the event the artist consumes 24 donuts and four cans of spray cream you can imagine what that does to.
Somebody and before I wouldn’t have even considered going to that.

Performance yet I could stand there and watch bizarre i know and i stood at a distance and it was.

Disgusting to watch but it would be disgusting to watch for anybody that was the whole point of the performance to create discussed in the audience but there was no adverse reaction for me no pounding heart no panic no shakiness no need to run no need to get away I stood.

There with curiosity the same as everybody else just watching the performance and what might happen I was so excited because there was just no reaction it was just nothing there and because that’s.

Because I know that whatever happens I can cope because of thrive I no longer worried about the norovirus I can go into public places during winter which I couldn’t before from October februari was a.

Danger zone for me it’s no not I can go into my son’s school without worrying I no.

Longer notice or the headlines on the newspaper about closed accidents and emergency units and hospital wards due to the virus I no longer react if.

People talking about it I no longer worried and Julie and take just take normal precautions I am freed from its chains that I.

I created because of fraud thrive I no longer have agri phobia two weeks it took me just two weeks imagine that instead of four walls I.

Have earth and sky I now have a cool breeze on my face when I go outside instead of the stale air in the house instead of limited behavior I have unlimited possibilities and happiness because of thrive I can live.


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