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Opinions here is Jim Goddard my guest is gerald Celente director of the trends journal Research Institute and publisher of the trends journal com welcome to the show Gerald thanks for having me on Jeff the latest edition.

Is out what do you think is going to happen in the US election well we made a forecast last year in our spring trends journal and we said that if the election were held then considering who she was running against.

Hillary Clinton would be the winner and that’s the way we see it and again we’re political atheists is what we wrote if the election were held today and Hillary Clinton.

Survives the caches influence scandal we forecast Clinton as the winner on issues of gay rights women’s rights and abortion crews Paul Rubio Carson Fiorina and Huckabee will find weak support among a sizeable portion of Women Voters with all the candidates including Clinton on the same warpage a nun presenting strong or unique economic policies to truly create jobs and increase wages what separates Clinton from the guys is.

The girls and we go on to show that in the 2008 presidential election 70 point.

Four million women cast ballots verse 60 point seven million men and when you go back to the 2012 race Obama won over twelve percent of the women vote over Romney so we wrote this before Trump became a contestant in the president’s a reality show and.

While he has strong support he has we think on reversible anti-women negative poll ratings because of the things that he said over the setlist several weeks and be considering that more.

Women vote in men and Trump’s negative popularity rate is that seventy-three percent we don’t think he’s going to be able to overcome that when the election heats up so we think the White House is going to be a Clinton Sanders White House because we don’t see Sanders winning the nomination but what he’s effectively done is he picked up where Obama left.

Off in bringing in the Liberal Democratic diehards and the millennial voters matter of fact Sanders is even using a very similar campaign slogan that rang throughout the country in 2008 and that was Obama’s change you can’t believe in.

Believe in so what Sanders has done he’s brought in that that progressive so-called progressive liberal element of the Democratic Party.

And also he is a counterbalance to Hillary’s pro-war stance and also her she has a pretty high negative popularity rating overall it’s down people look at her with.

Negative rating about fifty two percent but what’s missing in the in the.


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