His idea of extra get you excited an extra stream of income extra money on the side I know it did for me my name is Tracey Zimmer and when I got introduced to secret I was a full-time teacher I’ve got two kids and the wife I was busy but the idea of earning extra spoiling myself going shopping that.

Guilt free money got me really excited long story short on top of all everything that was going on in my life and the busy life that I was leading.

A six-figure income in my first twelve and a half months here with secret today I’m full-time secret agent I’m no longer looking working under the schedule.
Of a bail and I’ve got the time freedom and.

Flexibility that I always longed for all because I wanted extra hey everybody my name is Alicia Humphries I’m from Hinton Alberta Canada and I’ve been with secret for just over five years because of secret this last.

Year I was able to buy our family a brand new SUV that I pay for I was able to buy an all-inclusive vacation for our family of four to.

Cancun Mexico this past January and I get great skin great hair and great nutrition all for fun my name is Terrell kovitch I live in Red Deer Alberta secret has not only made it possible for me to step out on my own and become self-sufficient it has also put this smile on my face and has allowed me to become the self-confident person that I am today and given me the opportunity to shine and get out there and do what I love and show other people that it is possible to go from being afraid of myself.

And afraid of life and get out there and shine and show the people that’s possible hi my name is.

Dallas Morris I live in inisfree Alberta because of secret I’ve been given time freedom and extra income in this past December I was able to pay for.

An all-inclusive trip to Mexico for my family of four hi everyone my name is Kerry Mandel I am a receptionist and a secret agent here in Medicine Hat Alberta because of secret I’ve been able to stay home and spend more time at home for my girls my kids my family we’ve gotten to take numerous trips together we’ve made some amazing friendships along the way.

And we’re just having fun and enjoying my name is Chantel Charbonneau I live on a farm south of a town called Lancer in Saskatchewan for me to be able to put my kids into sports it is a minimum of a half hour drive right now I have Evan Taekwondo and it is an hour away from where we live so there is fuel.

For travel it’s right around suppertime so there’s meals that are involved in that too and because of secret I don’t have to worry about where the money’s coming from for that hey everyone I’m Don Andres I am a ruby agent here with seacret direct I reside in Medicine Hat Alberta I am a full-time stylist and I’ve been.

Doing secret for about five years now I am very grateful that.

I have secret because I have two young children one is four and one is 11 months so I was able to take time.

Off take maternity leave even though I don’t get paid for maternity leave with my salon so what secret I was able to make a nice side income and take some time off with my children so I’m very grateful to have secret in my life hi everyone my name is Nicole Humphreys from.


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