Welcome to the energy for life podcast helping busy women reclaim their energy innate power and self-worth here is your host Corona Brady welcome back welcome to episode 43 of the energy for life podcast show and I am your host Corona Brady today I have something a little different for you I’m actually bringing a recent interview I did with.

Matt and Joe at the hustle and flow chart podcast show this was such an enjoyable interview Matt and Joe are so much fun and I really felt like I was sitting down having.

A cup of tea with two old friends so here are some of the topics that we discussed burnout and stress how to experiment with your life unconsciously diving into masculine goals the corporate.

Hollow having to wear a mask the final straw getting back into balance mastering your morning then mastering your evening Breath of Fire taking a vacation from your screens and making secret rituals part of your day I hope you enjoy this one today podcast when.

You boys man wolf and Joe fear what’s up everyone welcome back to the hustle and flow chart podcast this is a very calming episode yes so I’m not going to get too amped up and crazy for this intro because we.

Want you to stay calm for this episode mmm oh this is Joe fear and on that wolf there we go and thank you for tuning in we just can’t pull that off you know possible we’re just trying to stay very calm and.

Mellow but you know who can pull it off Corona Corona Brady today’s show did pull it off.

So we are going to go places that probably haven’t really spoken about too much on this podcast which is very good.

Because Corona here is a she’s a master when it comes to unlocking this-this-this potentially we.

All have inside of us when it comes to burnout overwhelm stress all this kind.

Of stuff that anxiety the stuff that we kind of walk around with all the time and a lot of this stuff is holding us back obviously stress can be good or bad it doesn’t only go away but she unlocks how to get past that how to find your passion and how to use some very strategic tools mechanisms and things that can basically.

Make your life feel a lot better get you out of some health issues that you might be experiencing crappy sleep patterns so many different things she’s gonna outline that all here on the podcast and we actually dive into.

A meditation that we do together and so we’ve definitely never done that before in.

The podcast but you’ll love.

It and yeah something that anything that no I mean I think I think you pretty much covered it you know you’re gonna you’re gonna learn how to get past that stress overwhelm and one of the things I really like diving deep on was that was the sleep issues cuz I’m not typically a morning person and some of the exercises and things she talked about actually you know we’re designed to help you become more of a morning.

Person and help kind of get you and your flow early in the day and so you know.

Really good stuff and we were introduced to her through James Schramko who we’ve had on the show a couple times now and you know we did dive in a.

Little bit on her actual business and her her sort of content strategy behind her business and the app and her podcast and and all the different stuff.

She’s doing in her business and so we get into that in the end but the you know the major chunk of it the 8020 of this episode is really how to just get past that stress get past that overwhelm you know jump up in the morning ready to take on the day and and some exercises to accomplish that so definitely a little bit of a.

Change of pace but I think you’re all going to enjoy it just the same and it is just as powerful and beneficial as any other episode we’ve done for sure so you’ll walk away with all bunch.

Of tools and different things to experiment with your life and you’ll love.

It I know I’m taking some away and gonna start applying them to night yes so definitely.
You know we take the notes for you we’re gonna she’s gonna give you a lot.

Of actionable things here in this podcast and ways to kind of apply this to your life because I’m sure a lot of these things you don’t even know are happening that are kind of hidden so go to Evergreen profits calm and go download the cheat sheet that is a.

Companion to her episode so if you don’t see corona on the front page just search up corona in the search bar on there and then you’ll find it join in for that free cheat.
Sheet you’ll love it we did all the hard work.

For you and if you haven’t already please subscribe to this show we’re really really trying to ramp up this show this it’s mine and Joe’s goal to make this show our main thing our main focus and.

In the way we get to do that is if you’re enjoying this subscribe review all that kind of stuff really helps spread.

The love of this show for us so we’d really really appreciate that thank you in advance and let’s go ahead and jump over and chat with Corona let’s do this hey Corona thanks for hopping on the show with us here hey.

How are you thank you so much for having me today you’re very welcome yeah we got introduced by our mutual buddy james schramko was a great guy know he’s like our.

Starting to do well we kind of agreed that we’re gonna do some recurring shows with him we just had one couple weeks ago and it lasted for like two hours to talk about become a booking agent for us – he’s like helping us find all sorts of awesome.

People to bring on the show and chat with and I think that’s how we got connected initially so definitely yeah it is yeah which is fantastic cool well you’re out there in Australia but Matt picked up that.

You’re not a not native Australian well in my head I was thinking she sounds Irish to me but I didn’t want to sound.

You actually from Ireland because I did this the other day we were at an event and I walked up to somebody and I said you’re definitely a Kiwi you’re definitely from New Zealand I can tell your voice and he’s like no I’m from Australian I’m like okay I feel stupid now no I’m Irish but yeah my accent is hard to pick up because I’ve been.

Living in Australia gosh I think it’s coming off on maybe 14 years now so yeah you can hear the Irish accent I think every so often but it has a little bit of the sing-along Australian accent in there as well where I.


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