Hi I’m Paul and these are the sound flow earbuds listen for eight hours on a single charge never lose them with our tracking app enjoy graphing enhanced audio that sounds incredible and trust that they’ll never fall out the sound flow earbuds can charge from our powered app or you can take them everywhere the sound flow smart case you’ll.

Never lose them even from 25 feet see I didn’t lose them but if you ever do we’ll send you a new earbud for only 20 bucks that lot of cash will save will feel thicker than our thin ass.

Phone is with 15 fit combinations our earbuds are comfortable and incredibly secure in any size gear and if you’re like me you need to hustle for your muscles that’s why we made them sweat good.

Job Karl everybody controls and dual mics make it easy to control your music and take calls a mom film enough of you two we tested the sound quality of our earbuds on a variety of music lovers the results.

Were unanimous these are past the sound flow smart case.

Can double the life for your phone or recharge your earbuds up to 20.

Times Kevin here has an 8 or slept in two days but he’s still playing for at night on a single charge ask yourself why juggle 3 devices when you can carry in charge just one sound flow it’s kind of a no-brainer you.


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