This video is brought to you by the third edition of scams flops and failures crowdfunding they didn’t warn you about now available on Amazon for Kindle Dicker’s today the link is in the description below people get after me because they think I’ve been too hard on campaigns that have focused too much on the negatives when there are campaigns.

Out there that actually do deliver or at least appear that they will deliver on their promises of.

Something of worth to the backers and perhaps they have a point so I went to the most reliable crowdfunding site there is according to some folks and examined some campaigns that in.

My estimation will probably deliver what they say they will to the backers I was only left with one question involving each of them why are these things even needed by anyone these things will not be burning in crowdfunding hell but instead it is this question which causes us to experience torment let’s examine the first item on our list it’s a handy little device that everyone seems to use.

Can be purchased almost anywhere it is offered in precision fine tool glory through a crowdfunding campaign watch and learn the claim is that this is a minimal pen that will last you a lifetime and quite honestly from everything that I have seen in this campaign from the videos showing this guy doing what you would expect to see him doing in order to bring these.

Products to market there’s no real reason to doubt him I have no doubt that this is going to be delivered after all they’ve already got more than enough in order to bring it to life according to the.

Way the campaign is organized now these are the kinds of pins I suppose that are usually given as gifts or they’re used for special occasions like signing a peace treaty or maybe a very important contract but here is something that does disturb me in a way is this a product that’s really needed well I’m not a pin collector or whatever it is that people call pin collectors other than.

Maybe thin collectors but I look at it from the standpoint that since it is designed to be able to handle a particular kind of refill this pin is going to write just like all of the pins that normally use that refill isn’t it well it’s not for me to judge after all it is your money you can.

Spend it or not as you see fit and my cat is kind of off to this guy because he’s kind of like Oh a painter he’s doing it for the love of what he does that’s not necessarily a bad thing is it let’s move on to our next item shall we in the endless cycling Wars that apparently.

Are raging across the landscape of the Europe there are two men utilizing science trying.

To put an end to the carnage they’re bringing you this glow this glow is designed as a safety feature that cyclists can use to help prevent accidents to help prevent road rage.

Basically it’s a fun thing that you really should have I didn’t know that road rage was such a deal in Europe but apparently it is and a lot of people understand that because they have fully funded this.

Item nothing wrong with it nothing that says you shouldn’t have one of these things it really does look like it could be a lot of fun but honestly do you really need this anyway it is your money spend it wisely and maybe wisely is getting a fun glove with a funny face let’s go on to our next item if you grew up in a time when you.

Would change from one thing into another and do completely different functions than this the morph bottle is the more sedate more conservative adult version that will essentially do the same thing for you it’s really not a bad concept.
Per se if you’re somebody that does a lot of.

Stuff like exercise or what-have-you and you don’t want to carry your things.

Like a wallet or money or credit cards or maybe the ID cards to the furry club you belong to or if someone can get at them like your pocket you can put them in here where someone.

To get at them because it’s in your water jug but we’re not going to discuss that it really is a bad concept per se it’s something that a lot of people might find that well they need it because that unsightly bulge in their pocket just won’t do particularly when you’re posing it to Jim well that’s basically.

It we have a special pocket it’s designed to collapse around the things we put into that pocket hopefully those things won’t poke holes in.

It by the way and they’re yellow it’s probably you’re going to be funded if it hasn’t been already and well that’s basically is it.

It’s not that exciting it’s kind of sort of practical I guess we just go on to our next time I’m already now I do you like cereal who doesn’t like cereal that crunchy sweet goodness that well you don’t have enough time.

For in the morning so you probably just you know take a little bit of it and.

Put it in a baggie snack on it on the way to work or what-have-you but gosh wouldn’t it be great if you could take it with you and the milk that you would use with it and be able.

To eat it at any time even on your commute even while driving to work well somebody put their mind to it and came up with a solution for that problem that’s how crunch cup came to be and they really must be speaking to an awful lot of people who super like cereal because they have gotten themselves funded to produce.

This product and are going to ship it to all of those backers when it’s ready I’m not going to say anything more than Oh first world problems but frankly it’s an interesting thing with an interesting concept that has no.

Purpose beyond what we’ve just told you about well that was it that’s all for the things that we wanted to talk about these are all.

Products that will not find their way into crowdfunding hell because they will be delivered but who ordered them this has been crowdfunding hell.


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