You hi and welcome you listening to the x-22 report my name is Dave and this is episode 1698 a.n today’s date is October 24th 2018 and the title of the episode is did Trump just lay out the plan to get rid of the Fed let’s get into the economic collapse financial news now as we watch the economy slide.

To the downside and everything starts to fall apart I mean we’ve been talking about homes autos which we’re gonna be talking about in just a minute one thing that is completely constant in.

All of this is that Trump is out there and he continually criticizes the Fed and what we are watching right now is Trump setting up the narrative to bring down the Federal Reserve to bring it to its knees to set up a way to audit it to expose it to the people of America to expose it to the people of the world in what the.

Central bank does remember the plan is not to just go after the deep state it’s to go after the source of their funding to go after the source of what made the deep State and what made the deep state it was easy money.

It was the Fed printing money out of thin air and the government borrowing and it wasn’t tied to checks and balances they were just able to do whatever they wanted with this currency and as we watched the.

Entire economic system deteriorate well it looks like Trump is gonna continually point the finger at the Fed.

And as we watch the economy slide into a recession a depression Trump is gonna continually.

Come out more so than ever before to contradict and actually tell you what the Fed is doing and why the economy is falling apart now when we look at the economy we can see that October auto sales they have tumbled I mean dealerships around the country are saying that car sales are down.

12% traffic is drying up now a couple reports ago we talked about how they’re changing the credit scores I wonder if this is why because they realize as the system breaks down those people.

With bank credit they need better credit so they can take on more debt or they need better credit to get a automobile and it looks like this is exactly what is happening here new.

Home sales this is completely falling apart right in front of our eyes new home sales right now in September they plunged to their lowest since December.

2016 crashing by five point five percent month a month we’re also seeing a 13.2% collapse from last year this is the biggest drop since May 2011 and we know what happened in 2009-2010 we went fully into the Great Recession we’re also starting to see sale prices they have declined three and a half percent from a year ago this is a complete and utter disaster we know why it’s happening we discussed this many times as.

The Fed raises its rates it’s going to affect the housing industry and things are going to fall apart and this is going to affect other industries lumber copper roofing tar you name it concrete it’s going to affect many different industries now while this is happening the supply of homes.

Is rising right now so that whole argument that oh there’s no houses on the market this is why people aren’t buying well this is falling by the wayside now because if we go back a couple of months we had about six and a half months of.


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