Hi welcome to blind outdoors well we’re getting towards the end of October and at least here where I live in behold we haven’t had a nice any sort of a rainy season at all I heard there’s rain in different places of the island but not like the supposed to be it rains more overbite alabone because they’re closer to.

The ocean I think it’s been raining down in southern behold I heard down in the mountains and stuff but nothing like like it should be in a.

Rainy season from what I hear the American dollar versus the pesos then real strong but that’s totally backfiring on everyone here sure it’s making a lot of people rich I guess I don’t quite quite understand how but big problem is all the.

Prices are going up just once to the grocery store today and sardines went up another five pesos per can I didn’t even check the price on the rice today no idea what it is but it’s over sixty pesos I know that a month and a half ago it was 45 pesos per kilo which is ridiculous they’re talking.

Now this is this all this is all just geared up for make make people rich they’re talking now that already already predicted that the rice prices are going to go over a.

Hundred pesos per kilo from ordinary rice which is the lowest grade rights they have here which means regular rice would be one 13150 a kilo which is crazy and the regular people here are going to be able to forward we I went to a fish market the other day just a roadside market.

Price is an ordinary fish that were 80 pesos a couple months ago are now 200.

Pesos per kilo so I wrong we’re trying to line up someone a fisherman who’s what we’re shooting for and so we get exclusive fish from him when he brings him in him a real fair price so he’s happy and it would be lower than the price at the little fish markets and plus it’ll be only one day old rather than three to three to five days old and so.

It should be better all around for us and if we find a good deal we’ll buy fish for mother-in-law and father-in-law and probably even the brother-in-law’s make it so they can get some.

Vegetable hopefully they’ll pay for some of it will arrange this so big they can have access to it anyway so they don’t have to go to the markets but other than that I haven’t really heard much about things going on the.

Government here I don’t really talk about the government on our channel as far as I know there’s still a war on drugs and I think they made a a difference here there’s Ricki crossing the road in front of us I’ll stop and say hi to house going good huh let’s fill up right there he’s got his car going get his truck back that’s nice didn’t take long to overhaul that that’s pretty quick Nestor’s.

A pretty good mechanic for especially for things like that that he’s real familiar with I’ve got to get BLS truck into them and have them work on the brakes because we’re have I filled the container back up again how it got empty I don’t know I don’t see where it’s leaking at but there’s just no.

So it’s got to be the master stone or imagine what do they call your hydraulic boosters what they call.

It here but uh it’s always something the older vehicles you know there’s always something going wrong with them but you can’t expect that figure Brielle’s trucks got to be from late 80s or early 90s it’s pretty old the truck that we had that was Ricky’s truck that was a 2000 model so I figure that’s 18 years old we finally started having problem with that I was more than happy to get rid of that.

It didn’t make any money at it but at least we were able to pay off the credit we had and I made 14 thousand pesos profit on it and I split the profit with Ricky because I didn’t buy.

The car didn’t buy the truck or sell the truck to make money I got rid of it because it was a turning into a lemon and wanted to get.

Rid of it so we could have we probably could have sold it for 75 thousand pesos profit if we would have kept it for a while but I just.

Wanted to get rid of it didn’t want to look at it anymore everybody has different values I’m not a businessman I never want to be.

A businessman and I don’t I don’t have the values that those people have I’ve had so many people.

Tell me we should be selling the coffee cups that you can buy online for two dollars and then sell them for twenty dollars I just can’t see that you know I just if there was any any kind of a demand for it people really wanted coffee cups and t-shirts I guess we’d be happy to it’s an account somewhere so we could sell them to you guys but again the problem we have.

Is we’re here in the Philippines we’d have to have someone in the States to do the shipping and stuff maybe some of the companies that sell them have dropped shipping or something like that I’m not sure how they work hi welcome to blind our loud noise I’m out here with a bunch of girls jo her sister Lemery Erica and Jenna janja okay and Shannon the Murphy’s behind the camera yeah they’re out here working hard in.

The yard so I thought I’d do a couple little tricks for Miss for the fun of it this is I’m just through around with today we’re going to start with today we’re going to start with a card trick because I’m not totally sweaty yet so we’ll try at that so what I have here is dude like card tricks like card tricks ok I have 1 2 3 cards the top card the taco the.

Top card is the queen of heart okay my hands already getting sweaty take the top card off put it down below top card again is Wow Queen it hurts I’m going to put them put that that Queen down below okay and again the top card is the queen of heart one more time take it off the top.

You see I’m putting it right down below right top cardigan is this Wow Queen it hurt so you might think well she’s got three cars but he’s got three Queen of Hearts probably so I’m just gonna flip that over and you’re close because I do have a Queen of Hearts have another Queen of Hearts and have another Queen of Hearts what what I really have is I have a.

Blank card oh I have a another blank card why did you possibly take anything look wait horn yes no and.
You can see I have one two three thirds.

Then blank building yah yah yah yah yah standing chilly water more water got the whole day there it’s a puzzle you can stop stop for a second you.


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