Serious allegation I’m not thinking I’m a lawyer I do not think ho I’m not I don’t deal with belief or you know thoughts I’m thinking of facts on ground the allegation is that money was taken from the office of the NSA and I think there’s no dispute about that if they know those who have embezzled money are they.
Are not being tried we don’t have to wait for.

The government we don’t have to wait for the government such people should take steps by going to court to ask for another of mandamus to compounding anti-graft agency to.

Do with such people but let’s stop reading motivations we have complained for too long let us now move to the Elena’s program in action by virtue of section 2 of the compulsory free education Act of 2004 the federal government shall satisfied 2% from the consolidated revenue for every year and put in Attica state government shall contribute can tap our funding since 2005 when the law came into force while the federal government has made no contribution state government all state governments have failed or refused to access.

The phone as I when do and that is what has led to the crisis in the elementary school unfortunately the rich their lives including public officers have taken their own children out of the public schools and put them in previous coos a terminabro when office degradation our hands we are thirteen point two million children are on the street is the highest figure in the world for me is the time bomb some of us therefore a pretty common recently take this money because I’ve esophagus this year seventy one.

Point two billion was life follow in the I can in Euboea turn money not assessed by the say government’s happily the federal government has not been able to deduct the money from the sauce by taking what should be the contributions of the state governments from the Paranal fund so enough about what forty two billion naira.

In the Euboea can we do hope that the money will not be distributed before the election for understandable reasons we do hope that after the elections all stakeholders consider and assure.

That this money is China towards revamping the elementary schools so that we can ensure that a language the law every Nigerian child is given education from primary to you know second school full of charge.

That is the law in my own case I have just fallen action court to compare the inspector general police to remove the children from the street and put them in public.

School and also our experience and guidance who are not ready to educate their children award because basic education is free and compulsory so I should be design your charter school once you educate people you have basically taught them how to fend for themselves and our children can then be artisans.

Even those who cannot advance to a higher you know level they can be productive language but as.
No you can cope with illiteracy in this agenda I.

Get us to insist on getting answers to their problems some are going to distribute money some way even distribute dollars but people should.

Know that one such people are elected they are not apply they are not on the ending you know obligation to address problems confronting our people you journalism as opposed to interrogate those who are contesting elections at all levels.

And ensure that you make them to address the problems confronting our people luckily this girl this election is not going to be about religion because the candidates of their PC and the PDP are Muslims is not going to be about ethnicity because both of them are northerners and they also Fulani when.

A Guinness mas also look at other political parties and look at their programs and then embrace those that are ready to address the problems of the country.


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