From the list of trading instruments pic FX or CFD these two instruments share the same trading engine but he used four different assets currency pairs traded via Forex and stocks via CFDs select the assets you’d like to trade enter the amount of money you’re willing to invest select an appropriate multiplier a multiplier will allow you to invest a.

One you have on hand which means your potential profit will be bigger however the losses you could incur would also be multiplied.
By the same number depending.

On whether you believe the asset is going to appreciate or depreciate click buy or sell click on the auto close option to specify the stop loss and take profit price levels a stop-loss restriction automatically closes your trading position when the losses on that trade reaches certain amount similarly a take profit restriction will automatically close your position once a certain amount of profit is made the position will remain open and active either until the auto close limits are reached or until you decide.

To close the deal yourself you can manually close the position whenever you see fit by clicking on the close button we wish you a pleasant trading experience.


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